Moving in Together? Decorate Your Home Without (Too Much) Arguing

Moving in Together? Decorate Your Home Without (Too Much) Arguing

It’s a huge step in a relationship: moving in together. Yeah, yeah, you’re combining lives with another person, blah, blah, blah. But the combining of THINGS and STYLES?! Even in the best case scenario, where one of you is a fabulous interior designer with impeccable taste and an eye for design, there’s always going to be the other person who wants to display their beloved Moneychildhood toy collection, and the basement will just not do! There are so many decisions to make regarding how you both want your shared home to look…here’s how to make the transition easier, happier, and less stressful!

Money, Money, Money
Decide how much money you want to spend on home décor and new furniture. Other than rent/mortgage payments and utility bills, these money decisions will be where you spend the most money. Make sure that you’re on the same page, or can work to being on the same page, with how much you want to spend and what pieces are crucial, RIGHT NOW, and what ones can wait.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Or trash, trash, trash. For example, don’t clutter your kitchen with two tables. Keep one, get rid of the other. Or get rid of both and buy a new set. Don’t make yourself look at something that you don’t like…take some time with an empty space and decide what you really want. And make money together with a yard sale to put toward an item that essentially reflects the both of you.

Of course, there are going to be items that are harder to get rid of because of the connected sentimental feelings. Hello, old friend, compromise. Identify what it is that you don’t like and propose a DIY project. You may not like the old bedroom suit that must stay, but you may like it better painted black and with new hardware.

Style, Style, Style
It should come as no surprise, no matter how similar you think you and your significant other are, there are ideas where you will think differently. Style is one of those abstract ideas. There are so many design and décor styles available and so many purchase options, chances are two preferences will not be the same. But chances are also great that blending two style aesthetics will work and become the special home style of the couple living there. Balance is key and what makes a home feel like home sweet home.

Sofas, Sofas, Sofas
This is a biggie! (And right up our alley!) Sofas, especially, are a fun piece to buy together and are the focal point in most living Corey 2 PC. Sectional Sofaareas. They can set the design tone in the room so the style and color are very important to implementing the rest of the surrounding décor. Establish what you both want in terms of style, comfort, and the amount of money you want to spend. There’s nothing like a brand new furniture! 

Neutral, Neutral, Neutral
Sometimes it is best to stay neutral and one of those times is putting color, or non-color, on the walls. Rather than spending time disagreeing on paint color for the walls, go with neutral tones: whites, beiges, creams, even light grays. Then combine your efforts with combining both of your belongings to decorate. Add pops of color in the neutral colored room with accent pillows, decorative items, and framed art.