Devotion to Motion Furniture | 3 Types Explained

Devotion to Motion Furniture | 3 Types Explained

What is Motion Furniture? Motion Furniture Defined

If you’re shopping for living room furniture, there is a good chance you’re overwhelmed. There are so many options out there! And a lot of options that appear to be very similar at first glance. When shopping in-store, our customers ask us: what exactly does “motion furniture” mean? Does it mean it moves? Does it have an electric plug? What is motion furniture?! Today we’ll explain ways to help you distinguish motion furniture and make the best choice for your home.

What is Motion Furniture American Freight

Any furniture built with a mechanism that makes it move is considered motion furniture. So, this means anything that moves due to a device or apparatus, is motion furniture. At American Freight, we offer motion reclining sofas, motion reclining loveseats, motion reclining sectionals, and motion recliner chairs. Click here to see all our motion reclining sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and couches.

Specifically, there are three types of motion mechanisms in motion furniture. 

  1.  Manual Motion

    First of all, we have manual motion furniture. This type of motion furniture is controlled by a lever or handle that you pull, just like a car door handle.

    This knowledge is incredibly helpful before you buy, when checking out specs online and doing research. Look out for phrases like “car door handle” and “manual recliners” as indicators of manual motion. You don’t have to worry about a motor running out like power motion. However, manual motion sofas and recliners can require a bit of leg strength to close when finished sitting. Keep this in mind if you’re shopping for elderly or specially-abled folks, and/or younger children. This type of manual motion furniture can be placed anywhere in the living space, without regard to power outlets.

  2. Power Motion

    Next, we have power motion furniture: motion furniture controlled by connecting to an electrical source.

    While this type of power furniture does the work for you, you have to make sure you place it within reach to an outlet in the wall. This can be problematic for smaller living room areas or a small apartment with only a few outlets. If you go the power furniture route, make sure you consider this and your space offers a realistic arrangement before you buy. Even though these are on the higher end of the price range, we offer huge savings at American Freight on power furniture. You can save $300 off MSRP on the Rainier power motion sofa & loveseat just by buying with us, thanks to our direct warehouse model.

  3. Push Back Motion

    Finally, last but not least, we have the good, old-fashioned, push back motion furniture. These use your body weight to push back on the recliner, sometimes with your feet pushing up on the front. When you “push back,” it opens up into the recline position.

    This type of mechanism is usually found in stand-alone recliner chairs like the Baroque Fog Chair. Click here to see the Baroque product page.  Or, click here to read our Featured Friday blog post entitled, “Update Your Living Room without going Barqoue,” with more details and information about this funky, push back motion accent piece.

We know everyone has different tastes. But when it comes down to it, the living room is everyone’s sanctuary. It’s the first area most of us see when walking through the door after a long day. When you see it, you get that fuzzy feeling, “I’m home.” Come visit American Freight today to touch, feel, and try every piece of power motion furniture we have in stock! Our knowledgeable employees are standing by to answer all your questions so you can have a comfortable place to sit, sleep, and eat.

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