More Is More, More, More! Welcoming "Maximalism"!

More Is More, More, More! Welcoming "Maximalism"!

Is the designing part of your brain filled with patterns and prints; colors and uniquely shaped wall art? Do white walls bore you, and do bare floors feel like a hospital? In your opinion, has the minimalism trend gone on for just too long? If your best home is painted with COLOR, and printed wallpaper is hung on every available wall, this post is for you. If your best home has beds piled high with textured quilts and blankets, and on every shelf sits a collection of knick-knacks, then this post is for you!

For you, minimalism is an impossible feat. Embrace your cozy, fun, and very personal home décor style! (We have a feeling “maximalism” may be invited back to take the place of stark spaces). You can make this work no matter what you consider your personal style.

Instead of white and gray shades of minimalism, this “maximalism” trend is focusing on vibrant hued colors, patterns, and wild, or big floral printed wallpaper. This can be done with paint, wallpaper (as noted), and with the furniture. Go for color, and mixing patterns and prints in prominent living spaces!

Erica Teal Accent Chair

Sancho Pacific Accent ChairAnother way to incorporate more color and interest is layering rugs on the floors: wood floors, tile floors, carpet floors, it doesn’t matter. Layer them by laying them in different directions and if you want to create a relationship between the rugs, make sure they share some of the same colors. Bonus points if the area rugs feature a lot of texture. Texture can also be found on furniture and accent pieces, like throw pillows.

Trinkets that immediately make you feel comfortable and at home can adorn the mantel area in a random, carefully thought out, way. Personal collectibles on display combined with more eclectic pieces that speak to you can make a very interesting area. Try framed art that has an underlying theme, like natural focus pieces, a mix of tall and short pieces, and a touches of gold for a little bit of luxury.

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home where you should feel most comfortable, cozy, and warm. Wallpaper the bed headboard wall with a terrifically colorful wallpaper in an inviting big floral print. A padded neutral headboard with a bed layered with pillows, quilts, and blankets in different patterns, prints and colors will make for a stylish, attention-grabbing, and plush bed that you’ll just want to snuggle and cuddle.

Parliament Bedroom Set

Another way to get this “maximalism” type of environment is to create a cozy reading nook, or if you don’t have a nook and cranny type of home, a home office. But make it somewhere you want to be with many vibrant prints, photos, and art on the wall. Add in plants on fun plant stands and holders and open up the window for a lot of natural light. Books and music, and lots of cozy places to sit or lay on the floor takes your “nook” to the next level.

The stairwell might be the most puzzling place to decorate which is why it stays blank and white so often. Create a gallery wall on the stairwell, with a rug runner on the stairs. Just watch your step up and down the staircase!

Colorful Rug


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