Mixing Colors and Making It Work

Mixing Colors and Making It Work

Feel like your neutral is fading but not quite feeling the bold yet? Thankfully, there’s colors in between that may be just what you’re looking for by mixing colors, mixing a little more, and then tying the room together.

Neutral…But Not.

Watson Big 2 PC. Sectional SofaSome colors can be mistaken for neutral since they’re also natural hues, like blues and greens. This is because many other colors looks so good side by side with blues and greens. In the theme of this post, if you would prefer these colors not on one side of the spectrum or the other, choose blues and greens that are mixed with gray. The combination of the two always feel vibrant but use them by themselves for a mid-tone pairing.

Color Layering

When we write about mixing colors, we don’t veer into the idea of a virtually monochromatic space very often but this style canRainbow Combo look bold without using bold colors. It doesn’t have to be identical colors on top of one another, but think of it this way: blues mixed with teals, or violet on top of indigo. Add in bold colors with freshly cut flowers.

Use the Rainbow!

What use is the rainbow if you’re not going to use every color together in some area? And, designing tip: we already know these particular colors look good together! Use the colors equally and the ticket to the rainbow approach is to not let one color be too overwhelming. Art is a very acceptable way to use the rainbow and to pull colors from it in throw pillows or other small details.

Other Simple Tip: Wallpaper

(If you consider hanging wallpaper simple). And some people are professional wallpaper hangers and some are not. If you’re in the former category, choose a bold wallpaper that has already mixed colors for you! Pick some colors out of the wallpaper that you really love and bring those colors into the space in a more major way.

Mixing Color in Patterns and Prints

This post is all about mixing color but we can’t resist adding in mixing patterns and prints, our favorite. What to remember about combining patterns is to keep the colors in the same family. Otherwise it may be too over powering with bold colors AND bold patterns.

Needed Break Up

Just like some relationships need room to breathe, so do some colorful home design fixtures. The neutrals pop when mixed between the bright colors, especially white space. For example, in order to get this appearance, frame a photo or art print with a large white matting.  It makes the colorful art pop and a colorful frame or wall color, too.

White Matte

White Trim=Same Effect

The same visual trick that white matting creates with framed art also works with white trim around the ceiling, the doors, and the windows. Balanced against a painted wall, even if the paint is not a bright color, the white makes the room feel vibrant but comfortable.

Wood Details (and Color)

Wood details, especially when cleverly used with furniture like sofas, can immediately make a piece of furniture a statement piece. It’s also a chance to create a cool juxtaposition: soft upholstery against an exposed wood frame. Wood is also a great element to insert when you feel there’s too much color. Siam Parchment Sofa & Loveseat

If you want to include wood in a more conventional way go for an elegant wood dining rooms table, or a table set: coffee table and end tables. Then you can decorate any of those pieces with color details.

Our Go-To Details: Pillows

We are a big fan of accent pillows…in fact, browse through our sofa and sectional selection and you’ll see throw pillows a plenty in every color and pattern. The American Freight website is an inspiration on what colors look good together and some are unexpected. Pillows are relatively inexpensive and can be switched out easily when you’re sick of looking at them.