Mixed Metals: The Shining 2019 Trend You Can't Miss

Mixed Metals: The Shining 2019 Trend You Can't Miss

New interior design trends are sweeping the industry by storm and American Freight Furniture and Mattress has the scoop on everything you need to know. In part one of our five-part series, we’re discussing approaches to blending different metal accents in one central theme or room. From polished copper to bronze and rose gold to antiqued brass, there are tons of metals and finishes to consider for your space. We’re going to teach you exactly how you can pair mixed metals in a beautiful way. Let’s get started.

Let’s Establish Different Types of Metals and Finishes

Are you familiar with the names of different metals and finishes? If not, here’s a quick guide to help you achieve the exact look you want:

Gold—A classic color and finish. Think gold jewelry for a reference.

Gunmetal—A dark gray that closely resembles charcoal.

Brass—The cousin color to gold with a slightly more yellow hue.

Copper—The color of old and new pennies!

Bronze—A color that borrows elements from gold and copper. It’s slightly darker than gold and features red hues like copper.

Rose Gold—A pinker version of traditional gold.

Chrome—The color of silverware. Many household appliances come in a chrome finish.

Pewter—A color that closely resembles silver with a hint of beige or tan.

Nickel—The slightly duller and grayer cousin to chrome.

Metal Finishes
Photo from Carlton Cooke Metal Finishing

Some verbiage to be familiar with about finishes:

Satin—A smooth, consistent, and matte finish.

Brushed—Slightly shinier than satin, but still close to a matte finish. Antique brushed is another variation of this finish.

Polished—A shiny and eye-catching finish. The polished look makes the metal appear brand-new.

Now that you’re an expert on metals and finishes, let’s learn how to pair different styles together.

Barclay Brass Cage 3 Lamp Multi PackPair Metals Perfectly

We recommend choosing two or three metals for your mixed metal design. Limiting your choices will help you to define the space without overwhelming the theme. You don’t want the metals to look mismatched or tacky. Follow these guidelines to inspire colors for your space.

Two Metals: One Uniform Space

One easy approach to designing a space with different metals is to create a 50/50 balance of two colors. You don’t have to be daring—two similar metals can make your living room or office feel cozy. If you have a traditional or rustic theme, bronze, and brass pair nicely with dark woods and pieces with character. You might choose nickel and pewter for a bright, minimalist room. Gold and brass look great with Bohemian and hygge themes. Whatever like-metals you choose, make the design your own! You can experiment with different objects and accents, which we’ll talk about more later.

Opposites attract is the other approach you can take for two metals. Play it safe with different metals in the same finish or go bold with polished and satin accents. We recommend choosing one metal to dominate the space and the other to add drama. Use a staple like nickel or bronze as the dominant color and a playful, trendy color like copper or rose gold as the accent. While you’re making design choices, think about how often you’re willing to change your metal accents. If you don’t plan to change them often, stick with colors you won’t grow tired of looking at for a few years.

Hudson 3 Piece Table SetCreating a Metallic Trifecta in a Single Room

Are you planning to dominate your living room, dining room, or bedroom design with three different metals? If so, you need the perfect color scheme. One of our favorite combinations is antique bronze, brass, and satin brass. They are similar in color, but the finishes add great contrast. These colors balance red, orange, and yellow hues, so it’s important to pick a color scheme for the walls and furniture that won’t hide or clash with the pieces.

Another bold set of metals you can try combines or rose gold with gold and gunmetal. The dark and bold gunmetal is the stark contrast to the two gold colors. One easy way to tie these colors together is to introduce soft pink, canary yellow, or light gray to the room. What metals would you combine? Share with us in the comments!

3 Ways to Incorporate Metals in Your Room

You’ve picked your metals and you know what finishes you want, but what should you buy? Here are three simple ways to incorporate metal into your bedroom or living room:


Dressers, side tables, and other antique pieces feature hardware that is usually quite easy to change with a screwdriver. You can purchase pieces with metal pulls that you like, or replace them yourself. The best part about hardware is it can change the entire look of a dresser or chest in minutes. You can also change the handles as often as you’d like! Don’t forget about your bathroom. A simple faucet upgrade can go a long way in any bathroom in your home.


San Marino Cinder SectionalFor tabletop decorations, you have plenty of options. Browse your favorite department store or interior design shop for accents like coasters, figurines, or table lamps. We love to use curtain rods to add drama and draw attention upward. You could also add simple things like bowls and wall art. The key to choosing mixed metal decorations is to find a balance and have fun! If you love the decorations and they help you express your style, consider it a mission accomplished.

Tables and Accent Pieces

Step up your game with tables and accent furniture that feature metal! We love coffee tables with metal frames or ottomans embellished with metal nailhead trim. This is an easy way to add lots of metal in a tasteful fashion. You could even choose old metal antiques to complete your living room.

Products You Can Pick Up Today

Are you feeling inspired yet? Great! Now it’s time to start shopping. Stop by your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress to shop for metal accent pieces. We carry floor lamps, table lamps, coffee table sets, accent chairs, and so much more. Check out some of our top picks below. Click any image to start shopping now:

Harvard Brushed Steel 3 Lamp Multi-Pack

This beautiful 3-piece lamp set features brushed steel and white lamp shades. It’s perfect for basements, living rooms, and bedrooms. The simple uniform color and modern base on each lamp make this set easy to pair with any room.


Alston Charcoal Push Back Recliner

Style meets functionality in this beautiful push-back recliner. The dark gray upholstery is accompanied by brushed nickel nailhead trim. It’s soft to the touch and the shape of the chair is very sophisticated. Create a reading nook in your office or upgrade an old recliner in any room to this refined chair.


Gyro 3 Piece Table Set

Make a statement in your living space with a bold and playful coffee table set like the Gryo. It comes with one coffee table and two matching side tables that you can arrange and rearrange to your liking. We love the polished chrome base of each glass table. It’s elegant, unusual, and very affordable!

Visit American Freight Furniture and Mattress to shop all our latest styles features mixed metals and other interior design trends. To find a store near you, visit our store search page.

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