American Freight Releases New NordicRest Memory Foam Mattress Commercial

American Freight Furniture and Mattress is excited to release the newest commercial for NordicRest memory foam mattresses on our official YouTube page!

Sold exclusively at American Freight Furniture stores, these NordicRest memory foam mattresses rival similar mattresses from famous name brands and cost only a fraction of the price. You can find the exact mattress discussed in the commercial here.

Traditional spring mattresses can never conform to the contours of your body the way NordicRest® mattresses do. The key is our revolutionary Visco-Elastic Memory foam. Millions of tiny air pockets in the foam are sensitive the the pressure points of your body. The rejuvenating foam changes it’s shape giving way to your most comfortable night’s sleep. Our Team is leading the pack when it comes to developing the best in sleep technology.

Many people dream of owning a memory foam mattress, but can’t afford the high cost of the leading brand. NordicRest memory foam mattresses, sold at American Freight Furniture stores across the country, allow for you to get the restful sleep you deserve without the lofty price tag.

Watch our new video now to see how a NordicRest mattress stacks up to the expensive name brand, and visit the NordicRest website to learn more!



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  1. I have a memory foam pilolw and I love it. I can’t afford the mattress but if it is as comfortable as the pilolw than I’m sure it is worth it. I would try to find a place that has one on display and lay on it, like a mattress store or even a department store might have one. They are more pricey though. The prices might go down a little for Christmas shopping season.

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