Measuring Your Room Before You Shop

One of the most important steps to complete before shopping for furniture is to measure the room you’re planning to refurnish and the space you’ll have to get through in order to place it. There is nothing worse than finding a sofa you love and discovering that it won’t fit in your living room or through the hallway when you try to bring it in.

There are some simple, easy tips to keep in mind when measuring that can guarantee you’ll get the most accurate measurements possible. First, make sure you’re using a measuring tape that is long enough for the space you’re measuring. Using one that is too small and then trying to combine the measurements you get leaves much more room for human error. Being able to measure the area in one try with one measuring tape makes it much easier.

measuring tapeNext, make sure you know where in the room you want to take the measurements. Don’t forget to account for corners, doorways, hallways, closets, and anything else that could cause you to measure inaccurately. Attempt to measure using the most direct line from wall to wall and keep the measuring tape on the floor if possible to avoid bowing. If your room is an odd shape, take measurements of each section of the room and add them together to find the total. Make sure to do this more than once to guarantee you’ve found the correct amount.

Keeping an accurate record of the measurements is another great idea. Writing it down will ensure that when you get to the store, you don’t mix up numbers and measurements in your head. It also allows you to have these numbers on hand so you don’t have to measure again if you’re looking for another piece of furniture in the future.

Don’t forget to measure the areas through which the furniture will have to travel, as well. If you’re purchasing a dresser for the upstairs bedroom, make sure the stairways and hallways are wide enough for you to get the furniture through. If you live in an apartment building, take into account any stairways or common doorways as well as your own. Stairways that have a landing step that requires a turn are very important to keep in mind, as well as light fixtures and railings. A good rule of thumb is that your furniture should always be four inches less than the measurements in a passageway.

Taking your time to get accurate measurements while keeping in mind any obstacles will be worth it when you find the perfect piece of furniture for your space!


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