May Home Checklist

May Home Checklist

MayYikes, we’re already into the second week of May, but there’s still plenty of days to check items off your list! This month is all about preparation and maintenance so you can actually spend time relaxing and enjoying the summer, and not roughing it preforming hard labor.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (don’t forget your mom!) and Memorial Day is at the end of the month and that is usually the perfect long weekend for outdoor eating and activities and the outside space needs to be fresh! So, let’s get these things done and start the summer season countdown…now!

Spruce Up the First Impression.

That means paint! Schedule an appointment to get the exterior of your home painted this month while, fingers crossed, the weather is mild. And while that’s getting done, replace and repair any damaged shingles that the winter weather may have caused.

Don’t Let the Light Go Out.

Go down the (light) line: porch lights, garage lights, security/motion sensing lights, and any other lights that are on your property that may need a bulb replaced or repaired.

Exterior Lights

Fire Up the Grill.

But first, get your station in order. Deep clean to remove any remnants of the winter for smooth grilling. Most importantly, clean the grates and inside with a special brush, and then wash the outside with soapy water. Even if you cover it during non-grilling seasons, dirt and grime doesn’t discriminate…it will find a place on the grill. Unpack and organize all grill tools, and buy some fuel. 

Sometimes You Want the Water…  

like in a pool on a really hot day. And sometimes you don’t…like leaking through your kitchen ceiling from the upstairs bathroom. This month re-grout or re-caulk around tiles and counters where there are flaws.

Test. Replace. Be Safe.

Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide work. Replace batteries. That’s it. SO EASY! SO IMPORTANT!

Clean, and Touch Up. 

Use that vacuum for good! And by “good” we mean actually USING it. You never know how dusty your walls are until the sun hits it in just the right (or wrong) way. Don’t forget the baseboards after dusting the walls. Wash the walls with soapy water, and rinse with clean water. For those little paint chips, touch up.

Summer Bedroom Refresh. Parliament Bedroom Set

There’s no reason to not sleep better than you did last season. It’s time to rotate and flip (if possible) the mattresses on all of the beds. Swap heavy winter comforters for lighter bedding, and dust, dust, dust. (That dust highlighting sunshine is back).

Cleaning the Cleaning Room.

Believe it or not, the laundry room needs a good seasonal cleaning, too. Does your washing machine have a smell? Run the machine on a hot water cycle with a specialty cleaner, or just use vinegar. Remove lint build up from the rubber rim of the inside of the door of the washing machine and dryer and use a brush or vacuum attachment for the dryer vent.

Everyone Loves a Porch…Make It the Place to Be

Or keep it for yourself. Add some seating with a swing, colorful rocking chairs, or a glider. For a cute vacation home vibe, hang some outdoors curtains that can be pulled back when you don’t want the shade or privacy anymore. A small table with a cold drink completes this porch picture!



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