Make a Small Apartment Feel Large

Make a Small Apartment Feel Large

Apartment and condominium living is very common, so decorating a home of a smaller square footage, needs some love, too! Style is always important, but making a place, ANY place, feel like a home is more important. It can be a little tough though, picking the right sized piece of furniture, finding ways to distinguish one room from another, or not letting a room feel too tiny or crammed with things. Whether you are an experienced renter, or you’re downsizing for the first time in many years, let us lend you some easy and creative ways to make your smaller space, a home.

Small Apartment

Textiles, Color, and Art

Color is good, and even better in a small space. Bright colors, bold patterns and even large furniture can work well in a small space. Large items, for example a big headboard in a small bedroom, can make the room feel much grander.

Mirrors and large art pieces can also pull off the illusion of a large space. Another trick? Hang many smaller wall hangings or mirrors together. This decorating tip gives the same effect as large pieces.

Color can make any home cozier, but there can always be too much. Choose a neutral color as your base and then add an accent color that carries through your place.

Storage Solutions

Organizing your items helps keep them off the floor, and at least gives the look of no (visible) clutter. A bar or kitchen cart can be used for storage. Bookcases work wonders for storage, because they can be stacked. Make your storage look pretty: decor and storage. Sprinkle in pretty bins and fabric boxes to store items you don’t want to display. 

Break Up Your Space with Rugscarpet

Rugs muffle sounds, (especially great for when you live above someone), provide insulation, and can add colors and pattern to a room. But here is a clever way to distinguish your kitchen from your dining room, when it really is just one big room.

  • Use rugs of different colors. A rug of one color goes under your dinette. A rug that looks different under the living room furniture. A long one for the narrow kitchen. Three separate rooms.

Get Rid of It!

Making a habit of seasonally selling or donating goods will keep your small space from being too cluttered. Even by doing this once a month you’ll be surprised about all of the belongings that you don’t need anymore, kids have grown out of, etc.  And it make your home feel larger and more spacious.

Finally, the Furniture

Sofas with straight, simple lines make a tiny apartment feel roomier. Look for pieces that don’t have rolled arms or too big chairs. Purchasing furniture that can serve many uses is smart like, coffee tables with storage underneath, storage ottomans, and futons.

Sundown Futon

Also, definitely measure your space before you buy anything. What kind of furniture do you really need? Figure out what exactly your needs are and how you will use each item. Will the furniture be used every day? Or will it be used to make your room look nice?

Finding the right fit for your life, the term being used is, “right-sizing,” may seem tough. But, it’s exciting! You have the opportunity to make every place you live feel like your home. There are so many ways to make your smaller space feel exciting and fresh. Scale your furniture down. Decorate up, rather than out. Have fun with color and patterns. It’s all about the home that’s right for you!

Let us know what you enjoy about living in a smaller space, in the comments below.


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