Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Decorating a new home is challenging. It can put a strain on a household budget, and it’s tough to figure out how to get your home to look exactly as you have pictured, if you’re not a professional. An apartment is even more challenging as the space may be smaller, but it is harder to get into a mentality of decorating for permanence when you know you may not live there for a long period of time. First, your home, no matter how long you plan on staying, should always reflect you and make you feel comfortable.  photos-1167847_640

Decorating confidence takes time. Try out new floor plans. Experiment with color, pattern, and texture and see what sticks. Look at different home style ideas that are all over the internet, in stores, and look for unique pieces at flea markets and antique malls. Try combinations that you think may not work. Have fun, and make yourself comfortable! You’re home!

Keep Memories Front and Center

Photos. The perfect way to instantly decorate a home with good feelings, and inexpensively, is with photos. It’s an old tip but it works. Most likely, these are items that you already own, so inexpensive-check. And sentimentality-check. Personality-check. “Special-ness”-check. In short, do this. Make it even cooler with frames that are colorful, and decorative.

Add the Glamour

A mixture of pieces, from the brand new to the vintage, always make for an interesting collection. It certainly makes for a very personal home. Sometimes older items, even though they’re very unique, make look TOO old. Well, be happy that gold is on trend! See soAccessoriesmething that you like but hate the color? Spray paint it gold (or the color of your choice) and create something glamorous!

Party Home?!

Does entertaining play a big part in your life and home? Then make sure your home is conducive to hosting people for cocktail and dinner parties. Party décor is really fun so invest, or splurge, on dinnerware, glasses, or décParty cocktailor that is stunning and swoon worthy. Speaking of entertaining, a bar cart is a statement piece that can be beautiful, and fun to add to, or subtract from, at your hosted get-togethers.

Luxury Can Be Comfortable. 

The hardest part about moving to a new residence is making it feel like your own. Immediately move in what makes you feel comfortable: cozy bathrobe, fuzzy slippers, and whatever else makes you feel relaxed, warm, and personal.  Indulge in some new furniture that is only YOURS. It will make a big statement in your living space, and will feel individualized than hand me downs, or furniture with rips, or stains.


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