Make Your Dorm Room Your Home Away From Home

Make Your Dorm Room Your Home Away From Home

The college dorms: where you have half a room (more or less) to make completely your own. Freeeeeeeedom! Except there might be some rules. What you can use to hang pictures on the walls. Or the very limited ways that you can arrange your space: do the beds have to stay bunked? Can they fit in the room in any other way? So, read your rule books, talk to you RA, and try some furniture moving first, and then read this for taking your shoe box sized dorm room to the next level


Don’t Let Clutter Happen

Your dorm room is small and it’s a space that you will most likely be sharing with one, or more, people. It’s going to be crowded, and it will feel small. Maybe cozy small. So don’t make it feel any smaller than it has to feel. Eliminate the clutter and encourage your roommates to do the same. Invest in tubs that can slide under your bed, or fit in your closet. Hanging shoe holders can also free up some space in your closet for food, or other accessories.

Window and Floor Treatments


Do you know what hangs on a dorm room window? Blinds. They’re good for privacy and for keeping the light out, but aesthetically, not so pretty. Hang curtains the best you can without damaging the walls to create a more cozy feeling, and throw down a small rug that’s a pop of color, so you won’t have to touch the cold, vinyl floor first thing in the morning. 

Ditch the Fluorescent

Fluorescent lighting not your thing? Fluorescent lighting is NO ONE’S thing. Don’t forget to bring in lamps so you don’t have to rely on the overhead lights for studying, watching television, or hanging out. Or use string lights across the top of the room for a cute, twinkly touch.

Sit Somewhere All Your Own Margo Futon

Yes, dorm rooms usually do come equipped with desk chairs BUT they’re also usually uncomfortable. And your bed is TOO comfortable to do any studying. Trust us. You’ll fall asleep. The in-between solution to that is furnishing your room with an extra chair that can be used to read, take notes, and study, or another place to sit other than the floor. Another solution: a futon, if space allows. 

A New Place to Sleep

If you’re allowed, get a new mattress, or at least bring a mattress pad so your dorm room mattress includes a little extra padding.

Do you have any other tips to make the move to college dorm a little easier? Let us know in the comments section below!


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