Living (Room) on a Budget

Living (Room) on a Budget

We’re living for an affordable living room! Everyone wants to stay within a budget but then it’s difficult to achieve the type of style and luxury you crave. Creativity and planning is a must when decorating on a budget and it’s entirely possible to furnish your living room with stylish furniture, and still incorporate personality and trendy décor.

You CAN fill your living room with things that you love without spending a fortune!

Stretch Your Money…Mix and Match!Fibber Glacier 2 PC. Sectional Sofa

Buy the pieces that are very important to you, new, and then go on a hunt for interesting and unique accessories secondhand. Mix and match and mash and save your cash. 

Research what you want and need and then shop around to find low priced items that you still love. Shop at American Freight for inexpensive furniture: save money. Shop for accessories wisely: save money. Make sure it creates the environment you want: voila!

Plants G(r)o(w) a Long Way

GreeneryGreenery, especially greenery that is relatively self-sufficient, is not only a budget friendly decoration, but lasts all year round, looks beautiful, and can be grouped together for a large unique and varied work of art. Personalize the planters and pots by painting them different colors, or using unconventional containers.

The Walls Have Decor

Yes, art is awesome. It makes a statement and collecting art can become a passion. But. Art can be expensive. And that’s not what we’re talking about today. Let’s discuss ‘art’ that is priceless. Collect photographs and personal memorabilia in order to create your own mural. Frame them for a streamlined look in the living room but for a more casual, fun look use colorful washi tape which peels off easily, in an office, kitchen, or a kid’s bedroom.

Candle Charm

It may not seem like much when they’re in your own home, but think about how you feel in Soft Lighta room with candles as the primary source of light. The impact is huge which, in turn, makes the ambiance cozy and intimate. Purchase candles of different colors, heights, and widths for a cool candle jumble, or stay effortlessly neutral with all white candles.

Reflected and Twinkly Light

Want a room to feel bigger and brighter? Want to reflect the gorgeous view outside of your living room window? Add a mirror! The great thing about mirror is that they can be found anywhere and then upgraded with a little DIY love.

Add warmth and festiveness to your living room with twinkling lights strung along the bookshelf. Just like candles, small white lights give off a glow that is inviting and fun!