Light Up a Room with the Right Lamp

Lighting in a bedroom is very specific. It depends on if you prefer a darker room where no bright light will ever shine in your eyes. You may be the type of person that only has curtains hanging because it brings some color to the room. But they’re always pulled back so the morning light can get in. It also depends on what type of furniture you have in the bedroom. Do you tend to get ready in the bathroom? Or do you have a mirror or vanity to use in the bedroom? All of these situations can call for different types of lighting fixtures in your bedroom.

Floor Lamps

Don’t have a nightstand beside your bed? Have a nightstand but it is very small and can’t accommodate a table lamp? Don’t like clutter? A floor lamp saves table space. It can also be a little closer to the bed which makes a difference if you like to read at night. Choose one that has a thin, flat base so it can either slide underneath your nightstand or the bed, without taking up much room.American Freight Reviews

Floor lamps that also arc, or hover, are useful, and the light fixtures actually “dangle” as opposed to pushing up against the wall.

Pendants and Sconces

If you are looking for fixtures that are a little bit different, and completely out of your way, turn your attention to pendants and sconces.

Pendants, similar to ones that hang around your neck, are suspended from above by a cord or wire.This definitely frees up  table space and gives a very distinct feeling. It’s minimal, but dreamy.  Hide the cords guiding them to a wall seam, and neatly running it down to the floor.

Sconces are mounted to a wall, or bed headboard. Sconces are great for making a room glow, especially if you don’t want light to shine directly on you. Some sconces even have a swing-arm, so you can bring it closer when needed, and push it back to get it out of the way, when you don’t. Hide wires behind the headboard, or make a statement with the bracket and fixture. Let it become a dramatic part of your bedroom look.

Table LampsAmerican Freight Reviews

The old classic is using table lamps for room lighting. Since there are many options for this set-up, it will come down to choosing the look, and lamp, you want. Gold or silver-hued is timeless. Black is bold, and white will look fresh. An easy way to update or change a table lamp is to simply put on a different lamp shade.

Bonus: If you are looking for soft lighting, make sure you look at American Freight’s Rain Drop Table Lamps!

Rain Drop Lamp

Tell us what the ideal lighting is for you in your home. And what do you currently use in your bedroom for light?



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