Kid's Bedrooms: From Wall Murals to Bedroom Sets

More than likely, a child’s room will be their own for 18 (or more) years, so the decorating and personality should continue to reflect as they get older. That means that while the room should fit interests and hobbies as the years fly by, it should also be transitional so a 16-year-old is not stuck with the same wallpaper as when they were an infant. And even if your family ends up moving often, or two kids share a room, all the more reason to be able to flip a room’s style easily.

Creative Minds

BlocksA young child’s bedroom should stimulate their senses and imagination. Not only do they sleep there but they probably play in their rooms, too. Painted murals on the wall make the room into art and your kid will never be looking at blank walls, but at a story. If you would like to make your child the artist, apply chalkboard paint on a piece of a wall and your child can draw to their hearts content. It should also cut down the chances of kids putting markers to white wall.

If a kid is old enough to have a major interest, that should also be incorporated. Painted lamps and furniture, as well as framed photographs and illustrations, could play into a “theme” in a small amount. Natural patterns and materials make a space feel relaxed and easy-going.

Repurposing old furniture is great idea for kids and it won’t bankrupt the budget. Little tricks like sewing small rugs together to create a large one or colorful paint on the walls can go a long way in creating a special kind of room. Speaking of special, the name of the child incorporated into the room, designates a space and makes it their own.

Bedroom Sets and Other Furniture

Furniture is also very important. It should be functional, comfortable and be of quality construction. Bedroom sets can be a neutral, classic, and grow along with your kid, with a change of bed sheets, curtains, and a new comforter. If several kids share a room, bunk beds may be the most logical, leaving room for playing. A trundle or day bed also provides an extra spot for extra storage. Perfect for all the items kids tend to accumulate.Bedroom Sets

Accessories can really go a long way and are easier to change out than large pieces of furniture, as your child grows up and develops other interests. Bedroom sets will provide the essentials that will carry someone through many years. And it all matches. We love it when that happens.

Kids can be rough with their bedrooms, so as long as it’s comfortable and there are  spots for creative outlets, their personality will shine through.

What are some other ideas that keep kid’s rooms fun when they’re young but able to transition as they get older?


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