How to Score a Touchdown with Your Super Bowl Party!

How to Score a Touchdown with Your Super Bowl Party!

FootballAtlanta fans, are you out there? How about you, Patriots of New England?! If you are, congratulations! You get to watch this game with a purpose…the rest are in it for the commercials, for the finger food, and the relaxation of watching a football game that there’s no stake in. No matter where you fall with this game you may as well throw a party! All you need is a TV, in this case the bigger the better, comfortable and spacious seating, and did we mention, food?

The seating needs to be arranged around the television for prime viewing. As many people that will gather in the kitchen, there will be that many people with their seats planted firmly in, well, their seats. Move as much seating to the space where the game will be on: dining room chairs, ottomans, and maybe even a bean bag chair from the kids’ room. The more permanent seating should be more comfortable and if you think that you don’t have acceptable sofas and recliners there’s no better time to spend less and get more.



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Since the dining room chairs are now residing in the living room or in the basement, the dining table is free to be whatever you want it to be! A popular choice is using it to hold your food buffet, so there is room to get up and move around without obstruction or obstacle.

Check out our long dining tables that will hold every single crock pot dish, and chip and dip bowl:

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If your team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl this year but you still want to decorate with a theme there are understated ways of partying without actually being disloyal to your main team. As the host, stay neutral and buy plates and napkins in both team’s colors and let your guests choose which they prefer. Flowers are an inoffensive way to decorate because who can object to red, or blue flowers spread throughout your home?

Colored Paper PlatesWhen offering large groups of people drinks and the second quarter of the game turns into the third quarter, your guests may lose track of their own glasses. If you already own customized glasses assign your guVision 5 Piece Pub Setests to one as soon as they get a drink. Chalkboard-like stickers are easy to find: names can be written
on the stickers and stickers attached to cups. A variety of wine glass charms, even ones that can made at home with a Super Bowl theme, can be attached to the stem. As long as the guests remember what their assigned charm is their glass should be able to be found!

Give the kids who just want to eat and have fun a specific place where they can play, color, read, eat, or watch movies in another space in your home. The basement can serve that purpose especially if it’s comfortable and finished.

Set up a coffee bar in the kitchen, with a small dinette set, so the group that wants to get out of the game room can have a place to sit and have another option in beverages and scenery.

Let us know…what are you doing for the game and who are you cheering for: the Falcons, the Patriots, or the halftime show?