How to Make an Old Space Fit Your New Needs

How to Make an Old Space Fit Your New Needs

Believe it or not, you may not be utilizing the space in your home in the best way for your wants or needs. Whether you have an empty bedroom because your kid is away at college or your storage room is overflowing with stuff you don’t actually use, you might need to rethink a room or two in your home. Take some time to consider the following:

  1. Are there any unused rooms in your home?
  2. Have you ever considered repurposing a room in your place?
  3. Do you have a need for an at-home office, hobby room, or a multi-purpose space?

In the fifth installment of the Make a House a Home series, we’re teaching you several ways you can make an old space fit your new needs. From repurposing to furnishing, we’ll walk you through several ideas to help you spark inspiration in your own home. Let’s dive in!

What Kind of Space Can You Work With?

Let’s begin our project by figuring out what room in your home should be the center of attention. You can choose to repurpose an area in your basement, an unused bedroom, a sunroom, or a closed off living space. You know your home better than anyone else, so choose the room that works best for you and your family.

We highly recommend choosing a room that will be easy to transition into a new space. You will need to consider the size of the room, location in your home, and the belongings in the room that you will need to move. If you don’t want to take on a monstrous project, start small by packing the items in the room you want to repurpose and moving them elsewhere.

Ideas for Your New Room

Home improvement projects are exciting. You can completely transform your home without knocking down walls or adding expensive fixtures. With a coat of paint, new furniture, and a little imagination, you can make any room seem fresh and new. Here are a few ideas you could implement in your home:

Make a New Hobby Room

Haven’t you always wanted a room for your hobbies? Whether you write, paint, play video games, collect memorabilia, or have any other interests, dedicating a room to your passions isn’t a farfetched idea! If you have an extra or unused bedroom, consider using the space for your hobbies!

After you clear out the room and paint the walls if you so wish, it’s time to furnish your new room with pieces that fit your needs. Browse wall shelving for collectibles and built-in storage for craft rooms. Pick out a spacious desk and a comfortable chair to sit and create for hours. Choose the furniture and accessories you need to make your hobby room an organized space that reflects your creativity.

This room transformation is great for empty nesters who have at least one child in college who won’t need their childhood bedroom any longer. Use this project as a way to pass time while you’re getting used to the fact one of your birds has left the nest. Plus, this option works great for homes with extra bedrooms or closed off living rooms.

Create a Guest Pad With Plenty of Storage

The key to the perfect guest room is to establish an area that fits your overnight guests’ needs while they visit. But what about the purpose of the room when you don’t have visitors? We love to choose a storage bedroom set for guest rooms. They’re just like ordinary bedroom sets, except you have plenty of extra space to store bedding, towels, blankets, and other items your guests might need right under the bed in the extra drawers. Plus, this clears up the guest closet space to store some of your own stuff.

If you have the extra space, consider adding a storage bench at the foot of the bed. This will create a great spot for guests to keep their luggage and you can store even more stuff inside the piece of furniture.

Design the Ultimate At-Home Office

What would you use an at-home office for? If you work from home, a dedicated room to be productive can be crucial to your work-life balance. Offices are also a great place to play video games on the computer or complete passion projects like writing or reading.

For your office, comfort and clarity should be your main focus. Choose comfortable chairs, a desk that will meet your work needs, and minimal decorations. If you use this space to brainstorm, create one gallery wall to spark your imagination and at least one blank wall. This will give you one wall to help you focus and one to help you create. Complete the room with a shade of paint that helps you stay on-task.

Organize a Mini Gym

If you workout indoors with free weights and other equipment, you need a space dedicated to your fitness goals. Carve out an area in the basement or transform an unused bedroom into your very own home gym. Once all of your equipment is in a separate space from the rest of your home, you’ll be able to foster a get-fit mindset (and be less inclined to pile boxes around your treadmill or elliptical).

Go the extra mile and hang up posters for motivation. You could also install hooks to hang yoga mats and jump ropes. Don’t forget the spray bottle of disinfectant and microfiber towels to get the full gym experience and keep your stations clean.

Make a Sitting Room for Peace and Quiet

Perhaps you want to repurpose a room in your home, but you don’t know what the new room should be. Instead of using the furniture to define the purpose of the room, use it for what you want or need. Add a pullout sofa and some adjacent accent chairs for a complete sitting area. When you have a guest, push the chairs to the side and expand the couch into a bed in minutes. You can also use this room for reading, napping, or other leisure activities. It’s completely up to you!

Final Thoughts for Your Room Transformation

No matter what room you transform or what purpose it will serve, make the space useful for yourself and your family. You may be surprised to find out one upgraded room can make your entire home feel complete. Shop for desks, bedroom furniture, recliners, and other furniture essentials for your brand-new room at American Freight Furniture and Mattress. We offer same-day delivery, free layaway, and low payment plans to make it easy to take your furniture home.

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