Home Makeover: Where to Begin?

Home Makeover: Where to Begin?

When it comes to home projects, everyone needs a starting point but sometimes it’s difficult to find it! Are you eager to begin but you’re too busy standing in the middle of the whirlwind that needs to be done? Here’s your help!

One Piece at a Time 

Room by room can be the best way to work when you’re thinking about re-doing everything. Start in the hallway if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Chances are the hallway doesn’t have many issues, and at the end of the process, you’ll have a nice, updated hallway. Then branch off from the hallway into other spaces.

Start from the top to the bottom and make a list of what you want to do, as well as other information: dimensions of the room, the materials that you will need, the measurements of the windows, closets, etc.


(Take a Deep Breath). Don’t Get Overwhelmed.

We know we’re just at the beginning but things can start moving very quickly. So relax, calm down, think about the bigger picture, and why you wanted to improve your home. Concentrate on the issues that you want to fix but only in the sense of how you’re about to make them better: better lighting, more storage space, or how to optimize your home better for your family


What do you want? What do you already have? What do you absolutely need? Now is the time to start thinking about your perfect home.

Make several different lists and then compare them. What’s missing? What can be let go? What can be rearranged? What can be re-purposed? (This point is all about questions).

Make space work overtime. Make sure that your home is doing everything that it can for you. ReinWindowsvent a room for a purpose that is useful for you. Or if you have a space that just doesn’t speak to you, don’t ignore it! Really take some time and identify the issues you have with it and solve those problems. Now you can use it how you want! 

Natural Light Always Helps. 

If you’re going to do any sort of renovation or large projects, add more windows! And make them big! Natural light always wins!

Everyone Has Storage Problems. 

Fix your storage! And before you think you have to remove and replace all existing built-in storage, check the options to make the storage work harder for you!

  • Rearrange contents of kitchen drawers and add shelves in the cabinets for extra room.
  • This can also work for any closet, and other storage spaces around the house. Spend a little extra time, and save money.

Problem Room Made Right.

You know the one. It’s the room where you leave the door closed and only open it a crack to throw something in that’s out of season, or ready for the donation pile. Or the one where whenever you walk past it the pit in your stomach gets bigger.  

Relieve the stress! This may be where you want to spend some money:

Open up a small, dark wall by knocking down some walls.

Or replace the floorboards or rug.

Move/remove an adherence like a strange radiator situation if you want it gone.

These small changeFinish Lines can totally transform a space! Or spend some moolah if there are water issues, plumbing, insulation, or electricity problems. It’s worth it to get those taken care of immediately.

Don’t Give Up. 

Stay focused and follow your project through to the end. Do what you can yourself and don’t over pay for outside contractors. You want to make your home fits perfectly.


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