Go Ahead..."Un-Boring" Your Basement

Go Ahead..."Un-Boring" Your Basement

Don’t waste your basement! A basement, if you’re lucky enough to have one that can be inhabited, can be an extension to your upstairs living space, but you’re not held to the same strict decorating confines as a more heavily trafficked area. The basement can be anything you want it to be! Another family room, a calm getaway, or a combination of both. Here’s some ways to create a basement where you can’t wait to spend time.

  • Delete the darkness. First of all, try to erase the underground lair atmosphere that basements can sometimes feel like. The best way to do that is to keep the basement light and airy rather than dark and drearywire-globe-836554_640 (1). If there’s any windows at all, they are small and let in little light. Combat this issue by painting the walls a light shade and adding or installing lots of lamps.Crystal Chandelier Black Floor Lamp
  • Warm it up! How do you do this while also keeping it light? Bring in the classic coziness factor. Style it closely, and put in the same amount of time, to how you would style your living room: paint. Put up wallpaper. Hang up the art of your choice. Add a throw rug. Lots and lots of pillows. Relaxing, reclining furniture will make it so you’ll never want to go upstairs.

Championship Chocolate Reclining Sectional

Championship Chocolate Reclining Sectional

  • Theme party. If you have been itching to do a theme somewhere, the basement is a great place to go crazy. Do you have a lot of sports memorabilia that you want to display? Are your kid’s crazy about princesses, or trains, planes, and automobiles? Create a place to send your children to play when they need…to just go somewhere else.
  • Use it as your test lab. Since the basement is an area that won’t be immediately visible to house guests, you may even say that people would have to be snooping to end up in the basement, use it to try out styling that you’re not completely sold on yet. Bold wall color, or print? Try it out down the basement first!
  • Set it up for the adults in the house. Style it with a classic sectional, a small bar set, and a pool table. Even if your kids play down there, just keep it tidy so it’s never cluttered with toys and kid reminders.

Porter 3 Piece Pub Set

Pool Table

And there’s no reason why the basement can’t be EVERYTHING. The basement can be a family centered with a foos-ball table, or ping pong table, and a big screen for movie screenings. And there can be separate areas for everyone in the family that wants a piece of that (basement) pie.

What are your thoughts on creating a basement space where you want to spend time? Right this second, what does your basement look like? Let us know in the comments section!


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