Columbus Dispatch Features Store on Flying Horse Farms

Columbus Dispatch Features Store on Flying Horse Farms

Summer is approaching fast and soon kids will be heading off to camp, and in central Ohio, Flying Horse Farms is preparing for its first season full of eager campers. The Columbus Dispatch recently featured an article on Flying Horse Farms a local charity that American Freight is proud to support. Excerpts of the article follow:

“At the front of the former peat-moss farm in Mount Gilead sits an expansive, century-old barn that Amish carpenters reassembled board by board.

“In the dining hall is a kitchen that a master chef would love within view of a stone fireplace; in the next building are medical exam rooms with the kind of space and equipment doctors dream about.

“From the 5,158-square-foot swimming pool, you can look out at the stocked lake. At the water’s edge sits a blue boathouse filled with Easter-egg-colored Adirondack chairs.

“All that’s missing are the children.

“Those children are why donors have given more than $14 million so far and why the handful of staff members working the property at Flying Horse Farms are bouncing around the place with grins they can’t contain.

“The campers, they know, will turn something beautiful and serene into something alive with hope, energy and friendship.

“Flying Horse Farms… is a place for children ages 8 to 15 who have serious diseases. Its aim is to offer respite from lives that can be filled with doctor appointments and a sense of being different and allow the children the chance to bond with other kids who understand.

“Cancer, heart problems, hemophilia and other illnesses can steal some of the joys of childhood. That’s where the camp comes in. It is meant to be a place of joy and laughter, of karaoke by the light of campfires, archery, fishing, swimming and secrets shared late at night while everyone’s supposed to be nodding off in their bunks.

“Eventually, there will be horses.

“Everything is designed to erase limitations for children who get around in wheelchairs …

“Children who attend will do so with their doctor’s approval, and the on-site medical staff is equipped to help them with medications and any health challenges they might have there.

“But the aim is to give them a break from thinking about disease and doctors and differences, ‘To give as many kids as possible as much opportunity and independence and autonomy as we can,’ said Flying Horse CEO Cindy Lazarus.

“’It is a place that is healing and liberating.’

“Lazarus is still looking for donations to reach the camp’s $20 million goal and has so far been wowed by the generosity of individual and corporate donors.”

Read the full article here.

If you are interested in donating to Flying Horse Farms, please visit www.flyinghorsefarms.

Flying Horse Farms

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