Flipping Mattresses? New Jamison Mattresses Offer Options

Flipping Mattresses? New Jamison Mattresses Offer Options

What’s the Deal with Flipping Mattresses?

Our customers ask us about flipping mattresses all the time. Some questions we get often include: Can you flip all mattresses? Should you flip all mattresses? Should you flip pillow top mattresses? When is best to flip a mattress? What if you aren’t able to physically lift the mattress? Is rotating mattresses an option?

In order to get a firm response, we talked to VP of Sales at Jamison Bedding, Dennis Straily. Since we’ve just added four new Jamison mattresses to our already-wide selection at American Freight, we figured he would be the perfect person to talk to. Here’s what we learned.

Dont hide from flipping mattresses

Insight From Jamison Bedding VP of Sales Dennis Straily

“People are spending more time in their beds doing work now,” Straily explained. “Catching up on emails, and managing their social media. With Jamison offering hotel-quality mattresses, that’s where we first noticed this trend of guests spending more time on their mattresses, in hotels. We’ve created a reinforced edge that is 26% more durable than traditional foam-encased mattresses in our Gold and Platinum Jamison models. This is a feature we developed for one of the world’s leading hotels, and it is now available in the Gold and Platinum models for anyone to purchase.

The reinforced edge is a nice feature especially if you sit up in bed to read, work on your computer, or watch TV. The firmer edge offers more sleeping space on the mattress and even provides a nice firm seating edge for you to sit down and tie your shoes in the morning before heading into the office.”

Because hotels are more likely to have constant bed use, they have different needs than residential users.

“Hotels like to be able to flip their mattresses for the most longevity possible,” said Straily. “Of course, they have a staff of people who are able to do this. But, home users may be more limited.”

Dennis went on to explain that Jamison’s four new mattresses at American Freight offer features and durability that they have provided the hospitality industry for over 50 years! These new mattresses can basically be split into two categories: flip, or not to flip, and it’s a personal choice. Read on to learn more about flipping mattresses, rotating mattresses, and which choice is best for you.

Can I flip it? Yes, you can!

If your mattress has two sides of plush, you can flip your mattress. In the new line of Jamison Bedding mattresses, this includes the Jamison Elite Plus and the Jamison Presidential Mattress.

“We like to think of flipping mattresses as maintaining ‘out of bag freshness.’ That’s not a technical term, but a term I use to mean mattress longevity,”Straily said. “To get the most long-term use out of your tw0-sided mattress, you should flip your mattress every three to six months. Flipping mattresses entails: first flipping your mattress over, then rotating it 180* so that your head is where the feet were previously.”

Can I flip it? Nope. But you can rotate it!

If your mattress is non-flip with a hard bottom on top of your box spring, you should not flip your mattress. But, instead, you can rotate it.

“We recommend rotating your mattress every six months at 180* if you have a one-sided pillowtop like our Jamison Platinum or the Jamison Gold mattress,” Straily explained. “You can also keep an eye out for the pillow-top foam molding around the shape of the body or bodies that use the bed. A good time to rotate your mattress is when you see the foam has started to form around the body shape(s).”

In summation, Dennis made it clear and simple: “Ultimately your mattress is like an engine. You can flip and rotate it regularly, and be like a person who gets his oil changed every 3,000 miles. Your engine and your mattress will last you much longer if you do this. But, if you push it to 7,000 miles, or rarely flip and rotate your mattress, it will still work. Just for a shorter life period. So, if you want it to last, flipping and rotating will offer the most longevity.”

Thanks to Dennis Straily and Jamison Bedding for the insights on flipping mattresses vs rotating mattresses. We hope you get the best bang for your buck when you shop Jamison and American Freight! Come see all four new Jamison Bedding mattresses in your local store today and save huge!

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  1. Latex bedding was not addressed with regard to flipping. We have a split king latex Napa from Jamison. What about flipping these mattresses?


    1. Hi, Edie! Thank you for your comment. Contact your local store for more information about your mattress.

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