Featured Friday: Reggae Vibes Sectional Sofa

Featured Friday: Reggae Vibes Sectional Sofa

Reggae Vibes Sectional Sofa

We’re feeling those Friday vibes which makes the Reggae Vibes Sectional Sofa not only the perfect Featured Friday pick, but also the perfect statement piece for your living room! 

The base and arms of the sectional sofa are covered in a rich brown smooth fabric, while the cushions are upholstered in a tightly woven microfiber. Microfiber is a durable, comfortable fabric that stands the test of time with ease thanks to its resistance to pilling, stretching, shrinking, and stiffening.

The patterned scatter back pillows in a teal and white chevron pattern, a textured chocolate crocodile print, and an Earth Day appropriate butterfly print that can be rearranged however you choose for a completely unique look.

Contact your local store for availability and ordering details!


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