Featured Friday: Mickey Pewter Sectional Sofa

Featured Friday: Mickey Pewter Sectional Sofa

Mickey Pewter Sectional Sofa

So, we’re practically halfway through the summer season…the kids have been hanging around the house for weeks and weeks and weeks. Lounging on the floor, the porch, their beds, and every sofa that they can fit on. How does your sofa look right now, on July 17th? A little bit dirtier? Fraying around the edges? Feel like it’s time to get a new sofa that doesn’t smell like suntan lotion and spilled fruit punch juice boxes? Have you looked at the Mickey Pewter Sectional Sofa?

The pewter gray sectional is neutral, classic, and has an established shape that will make a statement in any living room. The patterned throw pillows, in oranges, greens, and white shades, jump out in a beautiful way on top of the Mickey Pewter Sectional Sofa.

Visit your local American Freight store and ask about delivery and layaway, too.


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