Featured Friday: Margo Futon

Featured Friday: Margo Futon

Margo Futon

Back to school, back to school…or going away to school for the first time. In this case, living furnishings are need. Even if the living space is a dorm room, where will all the new friends sit? On your bed?! No way. Provide extra seating for when your dorm room is the place to be! Are you moving into an apartment? You may have more space but guests can’t be expected to sit on the floor! Provide a futon. In fact, provide the Margo Futon.

This simple black futon features a wooden frame and stylish tufted detail. It can seat friends and family comfortably when entertaining, BUT it can also fold down for an additional sleeping space for overnight visitors.

The Margo is not only perfect for a dorm room or other collegiate space, but it also can be used for the basement, a guest room, or an office.

Ask your local American Freight store about ordering details, delivery, and about layaway.


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