Our Trip to High Point Market

Our Trip to High Point Market

Today I would love to feature our recent High Point Market adventure! High Point Market is a wonderful event for furniture buyers. It inspires and excites us to buy new and refreshing products for our customers. We look at trends in the designer field, and trends that, you, our customer buy from us. We combine that valued insight and go to work!

High Point Market
At High Point Market, we evaluate product, we test product, and we negotiate the down and dirty pricing so you can have the end look, without the high end price! We shop fabric shows & high-end designers at market so we can incorporate those looks into your product.

When being shown product by vendors, three sofa/loveseat sets might initially look the same, but we will look even further into the product. The “guts” of your set is what is important to us. Sets A, B, & C might seem exactly alike, but when closely evaluated you can see which one has less high density padding in the seat cushions and more “fluff” product, which will break down a lot faster. You can also notice which set will have the thicker frame and stronger structure for longer durability, and which set has a cheap, non-padded, knock-off fabric. We are not interested in cheap… we are interested in VALUE.

At High Point Market, we turn the other way to unnecessary glitz and glamour, like a stereo system in your sectional or a frosty cooler under your chair. When you opt to buy glitz and glamour, you force your customers to pay a high premium on that expensive set and on other sets to make up for the cost. AF questions why we would ever want to make Joe up the road pay an up-charge on a gorgeous, basic sofa/love set that he wants so that Jim can get a deal on a new sectional that is Bluetooth capable. That does not seem fair to Joe, or Jim for that matter, because most warranties will not cover wear of extras and Jim will be forced to buy an additional warranty to cover his expensive accessory.

When going into High Point Market, we love peeking at and taking pictures of crazy looking, futuristic, designer furniture! With that in mind, we also know that a lot of those things are not practical. AF buyers take tremendous pride in looking out for hip, trendy items for our customers while still keeping in mind the family of five, the young and upcoming college students, and the blue collar people across America! We carry gorgeous high-end items from vendors like Albany, and Corinthian, but we will never make you pay for those names.

Our vendors know who and what we buy for, and through trustworthy relationships they accommodate not only us, but you as well. As a company, we don’t believe in making hardworking Americans pay unnecessary premiums for showrooms or up-charged furniture so it can later be on “sale”. American Freight buyers hold our customer’s needs and wishes above anything else. We buy for all of America, not just the 1%.

At High Point Market this year we looked at multiple dinette options and bedroom sets and took into consideration what you posted on our Facebook about what you would like to see. We saw tons of color in the upholstery side of market, which is very exciting! We will also have a brand new SIMMONS® bedding line-up for you guys to try out – Kelly will announce when our stores start carrying these great new mattresses! Market was fun and exciting, and we cannot wait to try some new products! We hope you all will enjoy refreshing new items as much as we will. Thank you so much for following us, and we look forward to your feedback!


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