Create an Extraordinary Entryway with these Entryway Decorating Tips

When you step into someone’s home, the entryway is the first thing you see. Many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to decorating that space since it can be small or oddly shaped, but there are some great entryway decorating tips you can take advantage of to bring life to your foyer – and bring a smile to your face every time you walk in the door.

Go for bold colors.
You can use color to enhance your entryway in a variety of ways. Choose to paint the walls if you want to go big – or paint one accent wall for eye-catching character. You could also use a bright rug in the area to bring in bright hues. A long rug like a runner is a great option so that you still have room for furniture without making it feel too cluttered.

Take advantage of wall space.
Gallery walls are a huge trend right now – if you have an empty wall in your entryway, this could be the perfect place to create your own gallery! Use photos, paintings, mirrors, or whatever you want and hang them on the wall in an organized manner. This is a great option for an oddly shaped space that might have angled walls because you can hang as many or as little items as you choose. If you don’t want to hang multiple items, choose one piece of statement art that can easily define the character of the entire space. Also, make sure to incorporate any entryway furniture into your gallery wall design.

Light it up.
If you want to go with an overhead light, something that hangs beautifully like a chandelier can be a great choice. Make sure you hang it around seven feet from the floor so it does not truncate the space and are still able to keep the visual effect. If you’d rather use a table lamp, choose something with a slim base so the lamp does not feel overwhelming – it will provide a beautiful glow and looks good even on a slender entryway table.

Keep it organized.
Cluttering up a small space can be a huge headache and suck all of the style out of your foyer. Choose your entryway furniture wisely. If you have the space, place a long bench along the wall for people to sit and store their items. Add hooks for hanging purses, keys, or jackets, or keep a shoe rack handy for when the kids kick off their tennis shoes as they walk in the door.

Make a great impression on friends, family, and guests by using beautiful entryway decorating to make your foyer truly shine. American Freight has all kinds of great furniture pieces you can use to truly enhance your entryway.


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