Accessories: End tables, Floor Lighting, and Table Lamps, Oh my!

Accessories: End tables, Floor Lighting, and Table Lamps, Oh my!

Home Accessories: Light Up Your Life and Table Your Troubles

When it comes to decorating your living room, bedroom or even your dining room, don’t sell accessories short! Home accessories help tell your story and share your style with guests and family alike. End tables, lamps, and home accessories are often the last items considered, but can be inexpensive ways to show who you are and show off your style. While we have a huge selection of home accessories on our website, here are some of our favorites.

American Freight Accessories


Floor Lamps

American Freight Rain Drop Floor LampsFloor lamps are great options for a small space. These specific Rain Drop Lamps are lovely if you’re looking for affordable, adjustable lighting techniques without installing a dimmer switch. Recently we talked about small living room ideas, and one tip to create space is to move your furniture away from the wall. Even an inch or two can create the illusion of more space. Place a floor lamp in this new bit of empty space, and save desired space on your table tops.





Matching Lamp Packs

American Freight Brass Lamps Package

You can really tie a room together with a matching set of lamps! Lighting is key for mood, whether you’re looking to boost the energy of the room, or wind down from a long day. Sets that contain one or two table lamps, as well as a matching floor lamp, can do wonders for your space and lighting planning needs. We love this three-pack made in brass for a modern take on a classic look.






Matching Coffee Table and End Table Sets

American Freight Benjamin Coffee and End Tables SetMuch like the lamps package, you can use matching tables and end tables to tie the room together as well. We’re a huge fan of end tables with a little lip. They protect your remotes or paperwork from slipping off the edge of the table. This matching coffee and end tables set has this feature, and is a perfect solution for most living rooms. Don’t forget to use coasters to keep the wood or wood materials in great condition for years to come.





Have you purchased any lifesaving home accessories lately? Want to shed some light to other customers and DIY home designers who might be stuck just like you once were? Please leave us a comment and share below!


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