Empty Nest, Extra Room: Ideas for a Grown Child's Room

Empty Nest, Extra Room: Ideas for a Grown Child's Room

Your nest is empty?! Finally! Your grown kids are gone and the house is all yours again! For whatever reason, they have moved out: school, work, does it matter? Now you have one, or more, glorious vacant room(s). Sure there are Book Shelfthe obvious uses for an extra bedroom, like a guest bedroom or office, but we know you have something else in mind. Think about your personal interests (remember those?) and construct a space that will fulfill a need or a want in your life.

Personal Library

Have all of your books been stuffed in boxes under your bed or in the basement to save space for other belongings? Have you been longing to display your collection for easier access or just because it’s impressive? Build or purchase book shelves to hold your “library” books and then cozy it up with a beautiful, soft area rug. Bring in portable lighting appropriate for your reading comfort, and a beautiful arm chair with a tall side table for a hot drink.

Erica Taupe Accent Chair

Room Sized Closet

Is your wardrobe craving a bigger space in which to live? It’s not fair that your clothes are crammed together in a very small little closet. Set them free! Give them the gift of a walk-in closet/dressing room. Just think about luxurious this could be. And have fun! Set your outfit for the next day on a display rack! Find a beautiful vanity to lay out all your jewelry, and sit down to style your hair! Showcase your shoes on their own shelves! And of course, lots and lots of mirrors!

Work Out at Home Room

Make exercising easier! And it’s a lot easier when you don’t have to get in the car and drive there, or even if you don’t have to walk down to the cold, dingy basement. Move your equipment upstairs where it’s warm and it’s just a jaunt down the hall. Create the gym that you wished your community gym looked like: organized, clean, comfortable, and with only the equipment that you actually use. Face the treadmill or elliptical toward the window, or a television, so you can work out with a view, and paint the walls with a color that energizes you. If yoga is more your speed, reset the lighting so it’s calming and relaxing.Home Gym

DIY Room

Crafting can rarely be done with nothing…this hobby needs a lot of materials and space to put those materials. Whether it’s a sewing machine, storage containers for beads, paints, yarn, scraps of materials, etc., etc. So if you were renovating an extra room coCraftsunter top/table top space would be necessary as well as any kind of storage. And most importantly, if you’re trying to be creative then make sure you are surrounded by creativity! Hang sparks of inspiration on the walls to pick you up when you are at a creative loss.

Movie Room

Is your collection focused more on stacks of movies rather than books? Then devote your spare space to your passion! You will need:Renegade Mocha Reclining Sofa & Loveseat

  • A television, obviously. Try putting a TV in this room, or living room, and removing it from the bedroom for better sleep.
  • Comfortable, spill resistant furniture. Preferably reclining. Make sure you have plenty of cushioned support, blankets, and pillows. Also, choose furniture that if you happen to spill a drink, or messy food, it can be easily wiped down.

Purposeful furniture like end tables, coffee tables, and media stands to hold your media equipment and to conceal wires, not to mention holding your popcorn and drinks.

What are your suggestions to happily deal with empty nest syndrome? Let us know!