Back to School Furniture Essentials

Back to School Furniture Essentials

When you’re heading off to college, most people have checklists for the little things: corkboards, photo frames, shower bags, and other living essentials. However, there are also some furniture pieces you may want to add to your checklist. No matter how small your dorm room is, there are some furniture essentials you’ll want to keep in mind.

Proper Lighting.

Lighting is very important because when you’re living in a dorm, you likely have at least one roommate. He or she may have a completely different schedule than you, so a proper table lamp on your desk can make studying at night easy and simple without keeping your roommate awake. Having the right lighting also makes reading more manageable by avoiding headaches or hurting your eyes.

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Additional seating.

If you have your beds bunked or lofted, there can be plenty of space left in the dorm room for added seating. This can be beneficial for weekend hangouts with friends or weekday study groups. Consider placing a recliner in your room to keep from taking up too much space, or incorporating a futon that can easily be turned into a bed for great functionality.

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Aside from the typical plastic storage bins you’ll likely bring into your dorm room, think about other ways you can add storage options to your dorm room while also providing other benefits. A storage ottoman is a great example of this – kick up your feet in comfort while also storing away other items inside. It can be the perfect place for movies, video games, remotes for your electronics, and more – all without taking up too much space in your room.

Create counter space.

Finally, think about other ways you could bring counter space into your dorm room. Space-conscious options like side tables or nightstands can provide the perfect place to set your textbook, tablet, or favorite magazine, while drawer or shelving options add yet another storage option to your dorm room. These pieces can be a great way to truly maximize your space.

furniture essentials

Before you head off to college, think about these furniture essentials and consider adding them to your dorm room checklist – you’ll love the added style and function they bring to your college space!


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