Doing Your Kitchen Up Right

Doing Your Kitchen Up Right

There are a couple different kinds of people in the world: those that live in the kitchen, and those that avoid it at all costs, at least to cook. But no matter how much time you spend in the kitchen, and it may be your new year’s resolution to spend more, it’s still a room in your home, and for that reason alone, it should look cute, and still be able to function properly.

Organize your cooking spices.

  • Even if you don’t really cook (as discussed above) spices look so cool, and are pretty, and can be packaged in the most attractive ways. Display them visibly on a rack, and when you do decide to prepare some food, it’s easy to see and use.

Kitchen Spices


  • Put up a magnetic strip and display your kitchen knives while having a safe way to have them at your fingertips. It might inspire the chopping of food ingredients.

Beautiful chinaware.

  • Whether your dishes are porcelain white or colorfully decorated, and this goes for your tea and coffee cups too, stack them on a shelf so they’re visible. Display your fancy sets, or keep your everyday dishes within reach. Either way, it will be add personality to your kitchen space.

              Another way to display your drink ware is to create a coffee bar, a tea area with various teas and honey, or a bar cart with beautiful glasses and bottles.

A reason to scrub your pots and pans…

  • You’ll have more cabinet space if you hang your pots and pans on the wall. So hang your pots and pans and put the can opener and toaster underneath the counters, out of sight.

A nostalgic kitchen touch, like:

  • Is there a door off of your kitchen? Install a screen door and feel the change, especially in the summer.

Branch off of the expected kitchen set.Maze 5 Piece Dining Set

  • When deciding on a kitchen set, don’t be pressured to do the expected. Depending on the size and style of your kitchen, go with an elaborate set, with cushions and a bold color.

Decorating those blank walls.

  • If you’re using some of the tips above some of your kitchen walls will be covered in “kitchen-y” tools. But what do you about the other white space? Don’t be afraid to go a little kitchy, (not kitchen-y), with big vintage letters, or retro inspired décor.

How do you deal with your kitchen decoration and organization? Let us know your ideas in the comments section!


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