Do Something New with Red, White and Blue

Do Something New with Red, White and Blue

First impression: red, white and blue. Appropriately for this week: Fourth of July? The American flag? Patriotic theme? Probably at first. But the hues of reds and blues expand further than the traditional red and navy blue found around the first week in July. Playing around with tints, tones, and shades of the color wheel also makes this color combination more appropriate for the fall season, too. Start planning now!

Implosion Red Sofa & Loveseat

Siam Parchment Sofa & Loveseat







Heavenly Midnight Sofa and Loveseat







Making red, white, and blue look fresh, and without conjuring up bar-b-ques and fireworks may sound tricky but it doesn’t have to be, as long as you’re comfortable with trying various color combinations. This trio can look not only elegant, but also very soft and fun.

Try turquoise and red-orange. That’s a long way from the colors of the American flag, right? Paint the walls a tropical blue color and then decorate with red-orange accents, such as the seat cushions. And since blue is a cool color, it will also make the room feel larger.

Factory Select Sofa & Loveseat

Try primary tones…just not together. The primary tones of red and blue are very popular colors to use when decorating. Use the colors in separate living room sets, just AVOID using them together or you will have a themed space on your hands. If you love the bright, primary red shade, pair it with LIGHT blue, not navy or something dark.  

Lots of white. Go for very soft with emphasis on the white rather than the bolder of the two colors. White creates the airy feeling, and in companion with that, pick watercolor blues and while an orangey-red color is still a bold color, go with a softer shade of that color and it will all work together without being overwhelming.  

Fire-engine red. If you’ve been waiting to use the brightest red crayon somewhere in your home, wait no longer! Purchase a large piece of red furniture! Install bright red kitchen cabinets! Lay down a huge red area rug! Combine the red with blue-gray paint on the walls with a white ceiling. The red will be the star (as it should be) and it will look visually appealing and cohesive.

So you like this idea, but…you’re hesitant. You want to commit but only to some small details. Okay, so do the pillows. Do the smaller accent rugs. Do the décor that you can pick up and replace, and that doesn’t cost a 

Red, white and bluelot of money. If you already have a natural looking room that is mainly white, throw in some red, and teal as your blue shade. Another idea that may seem high maintenance but it isn’t, lay colored floor tiles in reds and blues. They’re on the floor so they’re not in your face and you can make sure the rest of the room stays neutral for balance. 

Take it to the streets. Go outside with this color palette with gray-blue paint for the trim, a bright red door, and white all over. 

How do you feel about this color scheme OUTSIDE of the patriotic holidays we celebrate? Would you be willing to style a room in your home with different shades of red, white and blue?



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