Design Trends for Spring 2017!

Design Trends for Spring 2017!

C’mon, spring! And c’mon spring trends! Just like we’re tiring of winter weather, we’re also feeling a tad fatigued with winter décor trends. After too much metallic, cozy knits, and industrial pieces we want something different. The spring season is the time to incorporate fun, glamour, and escapist relief.

Welcome to the spring décor trends that are on the horizon!

Botanical Patterns and Prints.

This trend is all about bringing the outdoors, inside to enjoy all of the time. And not just any kind of ‘o
utdoors.’ The tropical, warm, exotic kind of ‘outdoors.’  So what should we be looking for in order to decorate with this specific trend?

  • Prints with large ferns
  • Prints with jungle animals: big cats, monkeys, and even crocodiles.
  • Incorporate Pantone’s color of 2017: Greenery. Let’s be honest, it was picked for the spring season.
  • Ceramics, bead work, sea grass, and woven baskets.

 Olympian Chocolate 2 PC. Sectional Sofa

New Sophistication.

New glamour known as Art Deco is in! Think softness, but luxurious! Let’s get right into what this new glitz entails:

  • Soft velvet and soft shapes
  • Mirrored surfaces that reflect the rest of your glamorous home
  • Refined marble and brass accents
  • Muted color palette


Welcome back, 1980s!

Geometric Shapes

Some of these trends may seem familiar…very familiar. As in, you possibly have already lived with a lot of these design ideas. This décor trend can style ‘young’ so unless you’re decorating a kid’s bedroom you may want to stick with 80’s inspired accessories. Here’s what this 80’s revival looks like:

  • Geo-metrics
  • Primary colors
  • Graffiti 
  • Clashing patterns
  • Black outlines
  • Loud prints


Jewel Blue.

Cobalt BlueOtherwise known as Cobalt. And cobalt as the star, not as the supporting act. It’s hard to not love this shade of blue so this season, use it everywhere! It shows confidences and creates a luminescent style atmosphere.

  • Mix cobalt with a variety of other colors, materials, and textures. It’s like a good pair of jeans!


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