Decorating Your Living Room from Top to Bottom

Decorating Your Living Room from Top to Bottom

New home? Congratulations! No furniture? No home accessories? No clue what to do? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re excited to begin the process, or apprehensive about adorning your home it’s, at the least, a little overwhelming. We’re not going to go above and beyond and give advice decorating your entire home but we are going to focus on the living room. Arguably, that’s the room that needs finished first, anyway.

The Basics

Plan, and then try, try, try. Imagine and visualize what you want your living room to look like which will help you know about what you want and need. Then measure to solidify what size furniture, rugs, aParadigm Quartz Sofa & Loveseatnd accessories will fit your living space best. If you need a note to reference about how many seats you should have in your living room, match it to the number of chairs around the dining room table you (plan to) have.

Think About Your Upholstery 

Upholstery, whether it covers your sofa, chairs, or even throw pillows is what you have to look at every day. It’s also what you will coordinate the rest of your living room accessories to, so it’s important! If you want to keep these large scale furniture items more neutral so you can go wild with prints and patterns elsewhere that’s a good place to start when furnishing your living room. If you know what you’re doing with pattern and print, do your thing and don’t hold back! (And we have a suggestion on where to purchase quality, affordable, and beautiful upholstery.)

Small, But Important. Small, But Necessary

Accessorizing around your furniture is just as much fun as furniture shopping. This time you’re looking for small(er) items that you like: side and end tables, coffee table, and lighting. Table lamps and floor lamps are big decisions so the living room has 1) enough lighting, and 2) decorative and ambient lighting. You may want to purchase a lamp, and table set so everything matches, but don’t be afraid to mix and match materials and colors to make your living room as personal to your style as possible.

Lay It Down

Okay, you have your furniture placed. You have the accessories that you love prominently displayed. Now, it’s time for a rug. The one size standard to follow for rugs is to make sure it is large enough for your furniture to set the front legs on, or be able to fit the entire piece on the rug.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Bare windows? No, no, no! A bare window may seem appealing until the sun heats up the living room to sauna-like temperatures, in July, for the VERY LAST TIME. Besides, window treatments really do soften the look of a window by Window Curtainscontributing to softer light, subtle color, and interesting texture. Again, make sure you measure and take those measurements to the store with you. It’s tricky once you get there…all window lengths begin to look the same. Start with neutral panels and simple hardware that won’t stick out from the rest of your carefully cultivated style. Watch. As soon as you hang curtains, your room will feel more finished and cozy. 

Make Art Your Personal Life Snapshots

The main goal of furnishing and decorating your home is that is feels like your and your family’s home. The key is to introduce pHome Decorersonalization into the living space which is easier said than done. Well, to make it easier done, begin with your favorite artwork. We’re not talking about museum pieces, just small statements of art that you’ve picked up alone the way. Look for pieces when you’re on vacation, at local art shows, or even antique stores. Bonus: art is a simple way to bring color into a room that might not have much yet.

Last, But Not Least

It’s about time for the finishing touches; the cherry on top. What does that mean for a living room? Well, it means an eclectic use of pillows. It comes to arranging a beautiful display on the coffee table made up of books and a cool accessory. Side tables can be adorned with fresh cut flowers framed family photos.


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