Decorating Tips That Always Work

Decorating Tips That Always Work

Bonus: All Tips are ‘On a Budget’ Window and Sun

Sunny-Side of Life

What’s one of the rare free things in life? The sun! Don’t save the sunlight for the warm weather…let it into your home through bare windows. Celebrate the window by adorning it with a pretty valance at the top, or keeping it bare or with light colored curtains. Heavy curtains or drapes scream winter so if you’re winter opposed keep the window treatments fresh. (And again, it’s free!)

Paint, Paint, Paint! Paint

Scenario 1: Want to make an impression? Paint your front door, or entryway, with a fun color to set a memorable tone immediately. Reds, yellows, and oranges feel joyful and warm AND are bold enough to make a statement. 

Scenario 2: Want to make a small space feel large? Paint your walls a color that is light and neutral and the room will feel bigger and inviting, as opposed to a darker color that will make a small room feel small and cave-like. If you have a whole house that you want to feel airy and breezy then paint every space with a light color. 

Reflecting Light

Strategically place or hang mirrors around a space to make it feel bright and open because the light will bounce around the room for (free) natural light.

Tip: don’t place a mirror across from a window if you want the light to reflect around the room. It will bounce out the window instead.

Know Your Light

This one may take a little experimenting, but try various lighting types together until you get what you need. Do you need, or use, overhead lighting? Try ceiling lights.

Do you have a favorite chair to read in, or just prefer an overall darker room? Install some task lighting which could include table or floor lamps.

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Have you found a lighting fixture with which you have absolutely fallen in love? Don’t feel guilty about purchasing accent lighting which is used for being decorative, almost exclusively.