Decorating for the Millennial Generation

Decorating for the Millennial Generation

Millennials are moving! The verdict is still out about whether it’s to the suburbs or to more urban areas, but this specific generation has needs that are unique to their life and living arrangements. A combination of smart technological devices, transitional décor, and bold customized designs should all be able to work in functional, small spaces together.


  • Ridgewood 5 Piece Entertainment BarThere is nothing more ingenious for small spaces than furniture that does double duty: functionality as a dining set and storage for extra items. Eat at a compact set, that also features bonus storage in the seating which can be upholstered, and re-upholstered, according to the style you want at the moment. Take a look at our new favorite, the Ridgewood 5 Piece Entertainment Bar, that is small, stylish, and includes an upper shelf with a convenient drawer.
  • Take advantage of every spare nook and cranny by occupying even the thin space between the refrigerator and the wall with a shelf that can roll in and out. Stock full with very thin items like cereal boxes or flat utensils.


Speaking of Storage…

  • Coffee Tables! Ottomans! Both items can be categorized as necessary on their own merit but they’re even bettJacob Storage Bedroom Seter when they’re on triple duty: style, function, and extra function. Most coffee tables have a bottom shelf that can be used for storing cloth-covered bins and boxes that hold whatever you don’t want to be visible: magazines, kid’s toys, and television accessories. Bonus, BONUS: most ottomans can be used for soft extra seating.
  • Extra storage isn’t just for the living room…own a bedroom set that incorporates storage into the bottom of the bed frame, or the headboard. Use it for out of season clothing, or for the book you’re currently reading.


Adding the Personality

  • Leave your personality stamp with art, as well as the colors that speak to you, on the wall. If art is your passion, invest in a piece that you love and you will be able to tote around with you to every apartment or house you live in. But if you prefer something to hang on the wall that Erica Teal Accent Chaircan be changed out periodically then find inexpensive prints that you love and then frame them elaborately.
  • A temporary accent wall is a way to immediately change a room’s style. Wallpaper that is bold, or a wallpapered wall that is subtly designed, yet textured, are fun and adds dimension.


Transition, Transition, Transition

Transitional pieces are the key to decorating for the millennial generation who most likely has not put down roots yet. On a budget, it is impossible to buy new furniture for every move. Install pieces that don’t take up a lot of room like a small table that can also be used as a desk, and swap out an extra-large recliner with a more compact accent chair, or an upholstered ottoman, that makes a statement no matter where it lives.

Shop, and then stop into your local store to pick up your favorites! American Freight Furniture has something for everyone!