Decorate with COLOR in Two Unpredictable Spaces!

Decorate with COLOR in Two Unpredictable Spaces!

Color is not only connected to happy feelings but also important memories. So if you have colors in mind that make you feel a certain (good) way, incorporate them into your home. After all, what makes a home the most special is that it makes you feel good. And color can do that. But how do you do that in unpredictable spaces?

Bedrooms, especially kid’s bedrooms, are a no-brainer for including color. An accent wall in the living or dining room? Done. But the kitchen and the bathroom may be spaces that are low on the list. But why? Maybe because white is used in both of these rooms because it’s thought of as, “clean”? And that’s true.

But the main point is to not feel nervous or anxious about color. It’s about going with the color flow. Start with white, or another base neutral, and add vivid color on top.Venice 5 Piece Dining Set

  • Go neutral for the big ticket items, like appliances, counter tops, and other fixtures, and build with color with the window curtains, or the fabric seat cushions, or maybe even the dining set itself.
  • If you feel like installing color in a more permanent way, choose, or paint, the cabinets a color other than the more predictable neutrals.
  • Back-splash is not only a great way to introduce color, but also pattern. Pick an accent back-splash that will really pop against a neutral surface.
  • Other accessible color tricks can be had with wallpaper, throw rugs, and hanging fabric art.
  • How about some open cabinetry, or cabinets that have glass doors, so you can showcase a beautiful collection of brightly colored dishware? Talk about inserting your taste right into the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

What else do you have to add to the color idea for places like bathrooms and kitchens? What about the basement? What would you do there to keep away the dark and gloom that can present itself constantly in the basement? Let us know in the comments below!


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