Could Your Living Room Be More Inviting?

On a scale of one to ten, how inviting is your living room? If you answered any number below ten, then it could use more comfort, coziness, and up the welcome factor. Where to begin?

Here’s where you begin:

Make the focal point somewhere other than the television. Conversation, real conversation, happens when the distractions are removed. If space is limited, and the television has to be in the room where you entertain, think about a media center where the doors can be shut, and the TV is poof, “gone.”

Soften it up with natural elements. Certain surfaces immediately give a polished, and serious, vibe. These materials often include glass, metal, and even very slick wood. In order to make the environment more inviting, texture, texture, texture. Without going too far to the other (rustic and woodsy) side, look for linen-type fabrics, natural carpets and rugs, woven fabric, and upholstery that catches the light. Natural Fabric

Think about shapes. What is more inviting: sharp edges, and points, or rounded and curved shapes?Round shapes are instinctively more welcoming and soft. Sofas with big, round arms, or dining sets with round details in the chairs are unconsciously soothing. The way furniture is arranged also makes a difference. Semi-circles with the furniture arrangement can also encourage closeness and conversation.

Larkin 5 Piece Dining Set

Plato Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat






Comfortable furniture, hello! Make sure you completely test all furniture before you purchase anything. The height, depth, back cushions and angles should all be to your satisfaction and comfort. You don’t want to buy a beautiful chair that no one sits in.

The green stuff…always makes a room feel cozy. Why is that? Is it because plants are living and that makes people feel good? Is it because they clean the air? Or is it because they’re just beautiful? All of the above? Add some plants!House Plant

The right lights. Layer your window treatments so the room can be well-suited no matter the various seasons, or the different times of day. Install blinds, but then add drapes or curtains over the blinds. The hard edges of the blinds can be softened by the drapes, but also add style. Add the same light flexibility to the artificial lighting. Dimmers are a great addition to a room when watching movies, hosting cozy dinners, or even playing cards without a very bright overhead light.

Clean, soft throw blankets can be used during the winter for warmth, and in the summer for guests who don’t like the chilly air conditioner. Cozy Dog

What does cozy mean to you? What’s “cozy?” Is making your living room more inviting important to you, or is it just right? Let us know in the comments below!


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