Conquering the Moving Blues

Moving can be rough. It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. It’s normal to have doubts about the home you just bought, or the neighborhood where you moved. But all it may be is nerves and anxiousness about a huge life change. Do you feel like you need a little help, reassurance, or some words that feel like a great a big hug? We’re going to try! Take a deep breath, and warm up to your new home with just some small ideas.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Moving can be stressful, especially when you have bought a home. Committing to a huge investment can, at times, be nerve-racking but let yourself feel that way. But also let yourself feel that you made this decision for a reason: because you can do it! Talk about your feelings to someone who will understand and who tell you that is normal to feel sad, upset, tired, whatever it may be. Time, and good memories, can heal many initial unsure feelings.  Home Sweet Home

Seeing is believing. Mantras are popular for a reason. There is the common belief that if you say something enough, you will begin to believe it. This is one of those mind tricks. Hang an art print in your home where you will see it every day, with something as simple as ‘Home Sweet Home.’ It may rile up the warm and fuzzy feelings.  

Stay in your comfort zone. This is a circumstance where we condone sticking with your old tried, true, and loved decorating style. If your old place included comforting pieces, colors, or lighting, duplicate that in your new home. There’s no sense in adding to the unfamiliar when you are trying to make a space feel like home. Once you become more comfortable try experimenting and trying new ideas.  

Unpack ‘living’ spaces’ first. Where do you spend the most time? Or where do you need to be able to find your necessities quickly? The closet? The bathroom? Your office? Or the kitchen? Unpack room by room starting with the most urgent and pat yourself on the back each time a space is neat and organized.

Small, but meaningful. It may not be something that you think to do for yourself, but purchasing flowers and displaying them in your home can really make a difference. Receiving flowers is a sign of affection, so just think of it as a meaningful gift for your house.

Get ‘feng-shui-ed!’ It can’t hurt right? If you know someone that is an expert at arranging a room so the living room furniture is in its most ideal positions, call them over! It could make a difference in how you feel in a certain room.

Work in ProgressFocus on the uniqueness. Even if you have built a house from bottom to top, there will always be details that could be different, or better. So, don’t expect your home to be perfect from the first step in the door. Instead, make it your own and focus on the uniqueness and positive qualities that made you want to live here. 

How do you feel about moving? Did you ever move somewhere and it took awhile to feel like home? Let us know in the comments below!


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