Confused About Bed Frame Styles? Here's a Guide (with pictures!)

A bed is a bed is a bed…or is it? It’s hard to imagine that there are so many styles of bed frames, until you start shopping for one. Which one is best for you and your bedroom? 

Low-post bed. Just like our very own Norman Bedroom Set, this style of bed frame is traditionally grand (in the family of a canopy, or four post bed) but not as tall or imposing. On a low-post bed, the posts can be simple, (set off by the intricate slat design), or more intricately carved. 

Low Post Bed Frame


French-style bed. The French-style bed frame is distinguished by carved details, low to no footboard, and romance (ooh la la). American Freight’s Florence Bedroom Set has the detailed headboard, and the cream color with stone tops, that is all about the romance.

French Bed Frame


Brass bed. The Tristen Metal Bed is all about the look. It invokes a certain kind of style, period in time, and feeling. It’s a great piece for a minimalist type and is a neutral frame for whatever style of blanketed layers you want to pile on it. 

Metal Bed Frame


Sleigh bed. Sleigh beds look, well, like a sleigh with the slight curve on the headboard and footboard. American Freight’s grand Churchill is upholstered for maximum comfort and luxury.

Sleigh Bed Frame


Upholstered bed. If what you love most about your bed is that it’s soft and cozy, you may be in the market for an upholstered bed, where the softness never ends. You will never have to deal with a hard headboard…just pillows everywhere. Check out the Wilshire, below. 

Upholstered Bed Frame


Platform bed. The platform bed is furthest away from traditional is modern, current, and streamlined. It is low profile, and low in height. The Evan Bedroom Set features clean lines and wide slat detailing through the headboard.

Platform Bed Frame


Storage bed. Looking for a bed AND more storage? Commit to a storage bed and you’re in luck. Commit to American Freight’s Jacob Storage Bed and you’re even luckier. Not only do you get a gorgeous padded headboard, but there are two extra drawers build into the footboard. LUCKY. 

Storage Bed Frame


Ornate headboard. An ornate headboard is one thing, but there’s ornateness all the way down to the Sorrento’s four posts. Fancy up your bedroom with the iron detail on the headboard and marble post tops. The ornate bed frame will make a grand statement.

Ornate Bed Frame


Daybed. Do you sleep only because you have to? A daybed is practical and functional, and luckily at American Freight, the Lindsey Daybed is super comfortable, so you can use it for sleep when you need it, and use it for extra seating the rest of the time. Also, really great for guests!

Daybed Bed Frame

Do you have a better idea of the style of bed you want? All of these bed frames can be found at American Freight

Let us know what your dream bed looks like!


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