Color Shy? Do This!

Color Shy? Do This!

Color doesn’t automatically mean colorful. Wait. What? As much as we love a red sofa, or teal sectional as a statement piece, some people have a more subtle design aesthetic. Some people don’t want to paint one wall brighTinted Glasst orange, but they do want to incorporate color into a room. So how you do it? How do you introduce color when you’re still a little color shy?

Mix up the Neutrals. You’re neutral and you want to stay neutral. In fact, you’re Switzerland. Okay! Mix up a variety of neutrals then. Combine grays, beiges, whites, blacks, and wood tones. This will create a rich look without being monochromatic.

Metallics Go a Long Way. Shine can bring some color to a space. Warm metallics, like gold, brass, and bronze will add deep finishes that can’t be mistaken for actual color. 

Classic Navy. Navy is the blue that never goes out of style. It’s classic, sophisticated, and refined. But it’s a color that is basically a neutral. It’s a perfect color to start with if you’re starting to feel more adventurous with color. It also makes other hues and shades stand out.

Greens! (Pale and Mint). Soft greens are very popular right now, but are classic and neutral. Just think. These are the types of green you see in nature, like succulent plants. It can be paired with a wide variety of colors, look fresh, and still be neutral. Mint even looks almost gray, which looks beautiful next to crisp white, and wood tones.

Burst of Flowers. You want to keep your space low-key. You like white and gray sofas and porcelain white kitchens. You don’t want to bring in brightly colored rugs, or accessories. But flowers. You can’t go wrong with decorating with beautiful flowers.Flowers It’s not expensive either. Keep carnations on the kitchen counter, and that may be all you need to bring some life into the room.

Tinted Glass. This tip is along the same lines as placing flowers around your home. Tinted, or milk glass brings accents of color that can be both striking, and transparent. The colors blend into the background, or it can flash rainbows all around your space when grouped together.  

The Old Familiar…Pillows. Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up a room’s style whenever you feel like it. Even you have neutral colored furniture, just changing out throw pillows will refresh and revitalize immediately.

Willing to Do Pattern? So let’s say, you’re a little afraid of color, but not of patterns. Patterns can mimic color, even if the pattern is black and white. Bold patterns, like stripes and animal prints, bring interest and drama to a space without using a lot of color.

Are you a color shy person? What do you do to make a space feel alive and interesting?


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