Color Pop with Pastels!

Color Pop with Pastels!

It’s possible to make huge statements with softly colored furniture. Pastels are happening in every aspect of home décor. Big pieces like furniture. Small pieces like end tables and decorative items like lamps or framed mirrors. In order to keep a space from looking too “baby” or spring themed, use pastels sparingly, and in a sophisticated way.

Simple, classic statement. A great way to introduce a pastel in a big way is with furniture, like a sofa. Blue is a safe choice because it can act as a neutral, but different Elizabeth Spa 2 Piece Sectional Sofaenough to refresh with a color. Take a look at the pastel blue Elizabeth Spa Sofa, which is available in a sectional.

Paired pastels. Pastels work in small doses which includes a matching set that doesn’t go overboard, but also makes a statement. The Vintage 5 Piece Dining Set is grounded by a light brown wood but played up with a soft bluish-green chair on either end of the table.

Vintage 5 Piece Dinette Set

Accessorize! We love accessories because even when you don’t want to, or cant make a big commitment to a certain color world, you can sneak in towels, rugs, or even a set of fun pastel colored coffee cups that can be displayed prominently on the coffee bar cart. coffee-1117933_640

Popping with bright pastel pink. This bedroom is fresh, feminine, and saturated pink, like the True Love Bedroom Set. These types of colors look crisp against a white background, and in this case, silver hardware. For a completely different mix, stir in modern pastel-hued florals for a very cool combination. True Love Bedroom Set

Give a hint…of pastel. Sometimes a hint of color is just as surprising as a huge block of color. In the mood for purple, but just a little? Love yellow, but in very small doses? The color purple outlines a soft, cloudy gray fabric on the Columbia Fog Sofa and Loveseat. The yellow pops in large patterned pillows on the Quatro Canary Two Piece Sectional Sofa.

Quatro Canary 2 Piece Sectional SofaColumbia Fog Sofa and Loveseat

How do you feel about pastels and how would you use them in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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