Coffee Table Eye Candy

Coffee Table Eye Candy

Pick a coffee table. Make it nice.

More often than not, the coffee table is positioned in the middle of the room so why not make it the center of attention? Step one: choose a gorgeous coffee table. Then design and style it to your heart’s content!

Double decker style. Choose a coffee table that has a table top (obviously) but also has a lower shelf. With this setup it’s double the style! Create small towers of coffee table books, or other flat objects of varying textures with a small object on top of just one or two of the stacks. In the middle, place a taller vase that contains a little color and texture.

Audra 3 Piece Table Set

Vary the scale. While coffee table books are made for well, coffee tables, you don’t have to stick to just books while decorating. Choose taller items like candles, flowers, and decorative objects of different heights to create visual creative interest. Don’t make the landscape so tall though that you can’t see other people over it while sitting, or the television. Glass coffee tables are perfection for this design as all attention can be focused on the decorative objects. (Make sure you have a beautiful area rug underneath the table).

Gyro 3 Piece Table Set

Match. For a classic, neutral, and streamlined look, choose furniture that coordinates with the table set. This particular set will be simple to match up with a sofa set or recliner since it is neutrally colored but not boring. The black legs with simple etching details topped with a faux black, white, and gray table top. Adorn the top with color: flowers, colored glass, or a cool bowl or tray holding colorful or textured pieces.  

Boroughs 3 Piece Table Set

Go natural. The base: a beautiful brown wood table set. The décor: something green and alive. Small potted plants would give energy and texture to the table top. If you want to stay completely green the best bet would be succulents as they are usually 95% green and would look clean with a white ceramic planter on a dark brown coffee table.

Vincent 3 Piece Table Set

Trays and mirrors. Is your coffee table a mess? Are you looking to get organized in a way that is cute? Trays are a simple classic solution to holding everyday items like a remote control, reading glasses, and a magazine. Or you place the tray on the table to be solely decorative by grouping together like pieces: small vases, pieces of fruit in a vase, or picture frames. The mirrored tops on these three tables reflects its toppings!
Valencia 3 Piece Table Set

Decorating is already done! Let’s say that you’re a person who does not want clutter of any kind on your coffee table. Choose a table that already has the décor embedded in the tabletop! The Sparkle 3 Piece is designed with square colorful glass tiles in the center of the coffee table. It gives a touch of personality and detail without having to add anything extra!

Sparkle 3 Piece Table Set

Choose a low table. We love low to the ground tables: they’re the perfect proportion for small spaces, you can sit on the floor and eat at the table when you don’t want to stop a movie you’re watching, and then you can decorate it with tall items without it obscuring any view. Phew! Convinced?!

Electra 3 Piece Table Set

Let your table style itself…Make a statement with a table set that is shaped like a letter of the alphabet. Z! Have fun styling these tables with built in magazine or book racks with colorful, fun lamps. Balance the opposite corners of the coffee table with matching stacks of books and a floral arrangement right in the middle of the table. Place two small candles on the stacks of books. Ahh, we love stylish symmetry!

Zachary 3 Piece Table Set