Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

The time we realized that a dining room table was important, was the day we moved into a house with a dining room. Before that, we made due with small bar/pub style tables, used more for throwing our mail on top of than eating dinner. That was saved for the couch.

But a dining table is a gathering place for guests, family, and friends, and when you have a very special one, it can be the focal point of your home. You want the special one. You want the dining room table that is just right. So how do you go about looking for something like that? Satisfy your dining table needs by taking these points into consideration:

How to make it last: Select a table made of sturdy material. Choose one made from mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, or teak.

Keep an open mind: Wood is very traditional, but you may find yourself drawn to something different, something shiny, something glass. Glass can work well in many different living rooms, and gives off a lightness because of its reflective surface,Valencia 5 Piece Dining Set where as wood may feel heavy. Glass tables can also be surrounded by any kind of multicolored, or monochromatic color scheme, and look gorgeous.

The traditional table: Weathered wood already checks off the list of being, or looking, aged and containing personality. Details in these types of tables can be nicks and scratches that are to be admired. Weathered wood tables are great for families since it would be a rite of passage to add a few more “details” to the dining room table. Protect weathered wood tables with a hard wax polish a few times a year.

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Carve it from marble: Well, not you personally. That’s a lot to ask. Marble is usually a little more expensive than other types of dining room tables but they are usually the star of the show. Like all divas, marble may be beautiful but have a few flaws. Marble is definitely very heavy. Once you place it somewhere, that is probably where it will stay…forever. Marble can also crack and stain easily. Ways to get around the flaws: a round marble table is usually lighter than a rectangular one, and keep it clean by covering it with a tablecloth or place mats when stain-able food and drink are being served.


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 Are you a mover? If you don’t tend to stay in the same place for long, look for a table that is easy to transport. Round marble tables, wooden tables with detachable legs, and a lighter wood table with metal accents (as compared to an ALL metal table) are easier to move often, than other types of tables.

 Settle on a shape. Round tables tend to be a good choice that often gets overlooked in favor of long rectangular ones. But round dining room tables look good in small spaces and square rooms. Also, flexible seating. Squeeze in some extra guests at a large round table, but rectangular tables can also stretch seating arrangements by adding leaves.

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Stick with natural and neutral. Trends in furniture, like trends in colors or clothes, tend to go out of style quickly. So while primary colors like red, yellow, and blue will usually last through the years, the color of the year may not be the best hue for a dining room table color. Stick with the neutrals to avoid getting tired of your table.

Black is for the most careful diners. Black tables are sophisticated and elegant for sure, but every mark will show, especially if the top is veneered. If you are careful, use the dining room table JUST for dining, and have very careful children, or no children, black can be cool for you.

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 Country time. The country, or farm-house style dining table is usually spacious making it a perfect fit for large families or for people who entertain on the regular. These tables are usually a straight forward design, have robust features, with uncomplicated detail design. These tables are beautiful especially when set for a holiday feast.

Take it back. Something that never goes out of style is a piece that gets passed through the family. A keepsake that has survived generation after generation is probably durable and quality made. Don’t let something that doesn’t exactly fit into your style be a deterrent of why you can’t make it a part of your dining room. If you love it, you can make it work. Just think of it as an investment.

What kind of dining room table have you picked for your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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