Choosing Between Fabric and Leather Furniture

Choosing Between Fabric and Leather Furniture

When shopping for upholstery, the age-old question always seems to be whether to purchase pieces covered in leather or fabric, like microfiber or chenille. Before you make a decision, it is important to know the differences between the two furniture fabrics.

Microfiber is made up of many small fibers that are tightly woven together. Because the fibers are so fine, durability and flexibility is given to the fabric. It is completely man made and comes in many different textures. On the other hand, leather is made from the hide of a cow or other animal. Many affordable furniture stores, including American Freight, also carry pieces covered in leather-like materials that are made from synthetic materials and have the same look and feel as leather without the high cost.

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If durability is your main concern, both of these furniture fabrics stand up great to everyday wear and tear. Microfiber and leather are both very durable and have stain resistant properties that make it easy to keep them clean over the years. If you have pets, microfiber furniture won’t show scratches as easily as leather will – additionally, many microfibers stand up well to punctures that you might receive from the claws of a cat or dog in your home.


Leather and microfiber are both available in many different colors and patterns. Microfiber can be woven in a variety of textures and can even resemble cotton, suede, or velvet. If you are looking for something with texture, microfiber would be the best way to go. While you can choose different colors and patterns with leather, it will always have the same soft texture no matter what the hue may be. Another important thing to keep in mind is that microfiber wicks away moisture, so if you live somewhere that the climate is always warm, this could be the best furniture choice for your lifestyle.

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One feature many people do not consider is how microfiber and leather furniture can affect allergies. Leather does not absorb dust or other small particles into the cushions – you can easily brush off dust with clean cloth. However, microfiber does not have that barrier. You will notice dust in the cushions and pillows, which can cause issues for people who suffer from allergies.

Lastly, leather furniture does tend to be a bit more expensive than microfiber furniture. However, since it is such a durable fabric it can be worth the investment. If you are interested in the leather look but do not want the high cost, you may want to look into a similar option, like bonded leather.

When choosing between fabric and leather furniture, it is important that you consider everything that comes with purchasing either material – plus, you’ll want to be sure you test out the item for comfort. Stop in to your local American Freight furniture store to see a variety of upholstery options in both microfiber and leather-like furniture fabrics.


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