Buying the Perfect Area Rug

Buying the Perfect Area Rug

Is a rug important? Does it REALLY tie it all together? And is there such a thing as a rug that works well in the dining room? Yes! And, yes. And, yes again! A rug is important and the size of it is MOST important.

Area Rug

A dining room rug that is both practical, stylish, and the right size for the room and furniture is not easy to find. The correct rug, though, the one that is beautiful, works with your life, and your room will bring coziness, warmth, and personality. Without even trying very hard, it brings in color, texture, and pattern, too. To ease any pain, here some ideas to pick the perfect rug that will be in your home for a long time.

Settle it with the Yardstick

No matter what room the area rug is in it should flow with the furniture you want in the room because all of your current furniture should fit on the area rug, or at least the front legs of the pieces. A huge statement is a rug that fills the entire floor space with a thin 12-18 inch perimeter border.

Mind the Placement

Always consider where the rug will live. Dining room or kitchen? There Will Be Spills. Avoid light-colored rugs. A flat-weave, and low-pile rugs are practical and easy to clean. Natural fibers like cotton and wool, or even indoor/outdoor rugs opens up a whole new category of rugs that you may have skipped over before but look fabulous indoors with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes.

Get Definition Electra 5 Piece Dining Set

A rug helps define a room especially in an open layout space. Choose the style of your area rug according to what you want that room to be for your home. Casual? Formal? Trendy? You also may want to coordinate the shape of the rug with another piece
that you like. If you own a round dining room set try a round area rug for the room. Square shaped basement? Go with the same shape for your area rug. Or get creative and mix up the shapes of your furnishings for a very personalized look.

You May Want to be Switzerland…

Neutral, that is. While there’s so many bold colored and wildly patterned area rugs available sometimes less is more especially if your other furnishings are brightly colored. Again, natural-fiber area rugs are a good choice for simplicity and casualness, and they’re usually inexpensive. If you aren’t worried about the way it feels, aka it’s in a room where you’re not going to be laying around on it, it’s a great option.


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