Bring Out the Green Today!

Bring Out the Green Today!

Hopefully, you’re wearing some of this Shamrocks today so you don’t have to deal with any pinching on St. Patrick’s Day.

We love green, and not just today, but everyday. You can have green in your home all of the time with our beautiful, greenish hued furniture. 

Take a look at our American Freight lucky charms!

Felix Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat

Don’t be fooled! Look closely…the  beautiful Felix Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat features pops of green in the accent pillows and in the piping outlining the sofa arms.

Conceal Camo Recliner

Can you see it? If you prefer your green hidden within a very natural pattern, this Conceal Camo Recliner needs to find its way to your home!

Pendleton Sage 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Light green is still green! The Pendleton Sage Five Piece Counter Height Dining Set introduces airiness and light into your personal dining space.

Sapphire 2 PC. Sectional Sofa








Blue? Green? Bluish-green? Greenish-blue? Whatever! We love the Sapphire 2 Piece Sectional Sofa!

Puff Moss Recliner









Plush, soft, cushioned, pillow-top…what other words can we type about the comfortable Puff Moss Recliner?…and it reclines! And it’s green! Win. Win. Win.

Let us know your favorite green thing in the comments section below!


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