Break Free from Your Color Comfort Zone

Break Free from Your Color Comfort Zone

Do you have a color problem? I mean, do you find yourself picking the same colors for your home as often as you eat the same salad for lunch? Do you need to branch out in both respects? (Yes, you do). Colors can represent types of personality, and how people want to feel in certain spaces. Are you a person who craves calmness, or social engagements? Energy, or serenity? And what if you just turned everything you felt, upside down, and went in the opposite direction? We’re going to work through these many questions in this blog post.

 If You Usually Go For Blues, Greens, Grays (the Cool Colors) Try…

…red, pink, orange, cream, and yellow.

Start Slow. Paint the inside of an archway or a bookcase in a warm hue. It’s just enough color without being overwhelming. Another way to bring color in your room is a piece of furniture. Then, if that’s enough color, stop. Take a look at our cayenne red sofa and loveseat, pictured. Sofa and Loveseat

Paint one wall in the bedroom. Paint the wall you look at when you wake up every day…it’s a good way to see if you really like a color, or not.

Color a small room. If you have a small room, like a half bathroom, test out a color there. It’s small enough that it won’t be too much color, and you can always shut the door if you don’t want to look at it. It would also be a pleasant surprise if it was different from the rest of the color in your home.

Paint a room where you don’t spend much time. A formal dining room may be one of those spaces, a hallway you just pass through, or an extra bedroom is another space where you probably don’t spend many hours on end. Then you’ll get just a peek of that yellow paint sunshine!

If You Tend to Use Warm Colors, Try…

…turquoise, navy blue, and crisp white

Begin in the bedroom. Cool colors are meant to be relaxing and soothing and the bedroom is a natural place to try out this color palette. Soft gray, blues, greens and crisp white might remind you to be quieter, calmer, and more peaceful.

Create a ‘calm’ room. Where do you feel the most stress? A home office? Paint the walls a soothing shade of green or blue (think tropical ocean hues) or place a piece of furniture that radiates this calm color.

(Our Elizabeth Spa Sectional Sofa looks rather peaceful, don’t you think?)

Elizabeth Spa Sectional Sofa

Go easy on the eyes. Paint one wall in your largest room. Colors like aqua, turquoise, mossy green, and gray are easier to look at, especially in large spaces.

Color coordinate your home. Since we know that cool colors promote serenity and relaxation, use those colors in your family based rooms, or spaces where you want to be calm. Use the warm colors in rooms where you entertain guests since these colors promote energy, and see if you see any changes in the mood.

What colors do you like? Does it provide any insight into your personality?

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