Black and White Kitchens!

Black and White Kitchens!

The neutral palette of black and white is not only clean, classic and sophisticated, but it’s also a great color combination for grounding a more eclectic room. Black and white is also just a cool, modern combination in of itself that can be dramatic or classic depending on what you want in your kitchen.

Sleek Modernity

What does this style include in the kitchen? Black and white EVERYTHING. Cabinets. Major appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Don’t go so far as black walls, leave that to white paint, but also don’t be afraid of a contemporary style staple: glossy black. If you want to use a bright accent color, use enough of it in artwork, accessories, and lighting fixtures that is doesn’t look like a mistake or an accident.

Venice 5 Piece Dining Set

Rustic Farmhouse

Black, and white, and rustic? Oh, it can be done! Instead of black cabinetry, go all white. Incorporate black into the accent pieces like the light fixtures, shelves, and other small details like a clock, tea kettle, and napkin holder. Natural wood on the floor, a dining set with a bench, and light colored counter-tops ties the farmhouse style together.

Greystone Marble 5 Piece Dining Set

Uniquely Contemporary

This kitchen style is all about the unique details, and the big drama. Start with a stark white look on everything with a black colored focal point, specifically metal framing. Black hardware and wall art is also allowed, accepted, and applauded!

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