Bedroom Storage: How to Make the Best of Your Closet Situation

Bedroom Storage: How to Make the Best of Your Closet Situation

Is your bedroom in need of a storage makeover? Do you need more, and need it organized, too, while you’re at it? It’s an ideal time to go through your closet, donate what you don’t want or need, and make sure everything that remains, is in order. We have some simple, inexpensive, and hopeful solutions, to make sure you’re not attacked by falling items every time you open the closet door.  bedroom closet

Go Big. This first step might be very rough. This is the purging step. Dump everything out and toss what you haven’t worn in a very long time, what doesn’t fit, and what you don’t want. Create separate piles for ‘throw away’ ‘give away’ and ‘keep’.

Coordinate By Color. Want to make a space instantly look more organized? Color coordinate. Not only will it look neat and orderly, but selecting clothes will be much easier.

Heel to Toe. Arrange your shoes on a flat surface, one shoe with the toe facing out, and one shoe with the heel facing out. You’ll be surprised at the space you will save with this system.

Built-in Bed Storage.  American Freight presents a storage bedroom set, the Emily.Emily Storage Bedroom SetIt’s stylish and functional, with drawers underneath the bed, as well as in the headboard. This type of storage is perfect for out of season clothes that would take up room elsewhere, or even just items that don’t have a designated spot.

Hang and Fold. Hang up anything that wrinkles easily, fold sweaters, and, if possible, allow a little space between each piece hanging in the closet.This system will also let you bring organization to the closet.

Go Up. Using vertical space will save, well, space. Go up as high as you can. Use the highest shelves as they make sense. Install rods and hooks up to the ceiling. Hang hats, scarves, ties, and bags on them. Making all of your items visible ensures that you don’t forget about it, and it gets used. (Or you look at it every day and decide you definitely want to toss it into the ‘donate’ pile.)

‘Shelfing’ Your Shoes. Let’s face it. Shoes are always left scattered around and you’ve probably tripped on them at one point or another. So, if the shoes can be organized, anything can be organized. Shoes shelves on the bottom of the closet help organize and save space.

Label containers. In the organized life, labeled boxes are the best friends. Put away pieces that aren’t used as much, but stick a label on the outside to take the guesswork out of it. Or use clear bins so you can tell what’s inside without having to open it.

Bedroom Storage
(Hopefully, you don’t need this many boxes!)

What do you do to keep your bedroom storage under control? Let us know in the comments below!



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