Bed Size Chart: How to Choose a Mattress

Bed Size Chart: How to Choose a Mattress

This Bed Size Chart Will Answer All Your Mattress Questions

They say we sleep for 1/3 of our lives! Therefore, choosing the right mattress is not just about dimensions. It’s important to consider some important questions about your lifestyle, the way you sleep, and the size of your space first. Then, after asking yourself these questions, use our bed size chart below to help make your best decision. We’ve broken the bed size chart into each mattress size, where each mattress size is commonly found, and common lifestyle needs for each mattress size.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

1. What is the Size of Your Bedroom?

How large is your bedroom? Is sleeping space or living space more important to you? Will the King-sized bed fit your room? Will you still have floor space to move around? Check the dimensions of the mattress you’re considering on the bed size chart below, and see if they will fit into your bedroom. Alternatively, measure the area designated for your bed with a measuring tape, and take your bed dimensions into your local American Freight. Even just bringing these dimensions in will be enough for a sleep specialist to show you your available mattress options.

2. Is Your Bed Shared?

Do you share a bed with your partner or a pet? If you do, consider purchasing a larger mattress that will give you and your partner (if applicable) enough space to sleep comfortably. A Full size mattress is probably the smallest size bed for nightly comfort made for partners, or a person and a pet.

3. How Do You Sleep?

Are you a back sleeper? A side sleeper? A stomach sleeper? Do you sprawl out or stay in a small space when you sleep? Do you roll around a lot? All of these are factors you should consider when choosing a mattress. Check the bed size chart below to see how far you can sprawl.

4. How Tall is the Sleeper?

Do you need to accommodate for the height of the sleeper? If your feet, or your partner’s feet, hang off the side of the bed, consider a larger or taller mattress for ultimate comfort. No one wants his feet hanging out of the blankets! Plan ahead, or afoot, by using the bed size chart below.

Mattress Size Guide

Twin Size Mattress Dimensions

 Twin Mattress:

A Twin bed is commonly found in children’s rooms, daybeds, and hideaways. Sometimes it can be found in a college dorm. It’s a great option for overnight guests, sleepovers, and small spaces in general. The width of this mattress, 39″, is the minimal amount of space needed for a single person to lie comfortably each night.



Twin XL Size Mattress Dimensions

Twin XL Mattress:

The Twin XL mattress is the most common bed size in college dorms. It’s called the “Twin XL” because its additional 5″ in length accommodates taller sleepers with the same width of a Twin (39″). This mattress size is perfect for adults with a small bedroom, or who prefer more living space than sleeping space.



Full Size Mattress Dimensions


Full Mattress: 

A Full size mattress is 15″ wider than the twin (37.5% wider), and 5″ shorter than a Queen. This is a good option for your guest room, or a teenager who has outgrown his or her kids bed. A Full mattress is also the perfect size for someone who loves living space AND sleeping space, but doesn’t want to sacrifice either one.


Queen Size Mattress Dimensions


Queen Mattress: 

The Queen mattress is the most popular size, at 6″ wider and 5″ longer than a full size bed. This is a great bed choice for a small Master Bedroom (at least 10 x 10 square feet).



King Size Mattress Dimensions


King Mattress:

The King mattress is perfect for two people, or one person with a dog. At 16″ wider than a Queen, this King mattress provides the most sleeping space. That’s over a foot wider! If you have a big master bedroom, or a master suite, consider the King for a luxurious choice.


Choosing a Mattress: American Freight Mattress Size Chart


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