Conquer the Winter Blues

Are you spending the dwindling winter days just wishing that winter would go away, and fast? All the fun winter activities have been done: the snow sledding, the ice skating, the winter weather driving. (Oh wait, that last one isn’t fun). So, now you’re just searching for something new, something that will make these last few weeks (hopefully) speed by. Luckily, we have a few suggestions for winter entertainment.   

Winter Gardening
Oh, no. We are not suggesting that you go outside and work on the frozen solid ground. But expanding your houseplants is good practice for your outdoor space. Just thinking and planning out your garden for when you can get outside, is a good idea. Always wanted an extensive vegetable patch? Start looking into what would be the best planting schedule for the veggie variety.

Winter CookingGet into Comfort Cooking                         Even if you’re the one doing the cooking, it can be a comforting kind of chore. Start trying out some new recipes inside, while it’s too cold to use the grill outside. If you already love cooking, step it up. Join a cooking class, or club. Create a meal with a theme. 

Creative Crafts for the Children
Keeping kids constantly occupied inside the house, with minimal whining, is a challenge. Keep them occupied by letting them use their imagination, in a safe place. Find a big table, a dining room table perhaps, and get out the crayons, stickers, colored paper, and watercolors. Hey, that sounds like fun!

Winter Crafts

Try Something New!
Now’s the time…why not?! Want to learn to knit or crochet, join a group. Woodworking has always interested you? Set up your basement or garage since you don’t want wood shavings in the carpet, check out some how-to resources, and see what happens. Play an instrument! If you have one stored in a closet, or crawl space, display it your home. Not only is it a beautiful kind of art, it may motivate you to commit to playing it.

Get (back) in touch with friends or family, offline.                                                                                                                                                         Winter Writing          Send correspondence through the mail. Not email. The mail where you have to go outside to put it in the box. It really is a much prettier kind of greeting and people do appreciate the thought. 

Organize Your Home for Inspiring Projects
Wade through the outdated magazines laying around, and decide what interests you. Whether it be recipes, fashion, or home inspiration, organize the clippings in a more condensed way.

What have you been doing to get through this last (hopefully) stretch of winter? Add to our list of ideas in the comments below!


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